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FIFA World Cup 2022

FIFA World Cup

Qatar will host the 22nd edition of the FIFA world cup from 20 November to 18 December 2022. Qatar has the first Arabian country that hosts the FIFA world cup 2022. Before this world cup never was any Arabian nation hosted the world cup. This game is much famous all over the world, and everyone is waiting for watching this.

About FIFA World Cup

The FIFA world cup is the men’s football international competition organized by FIFA after every 4 years. In this tournament, different national teams take part to compete with each other to win the world cup championship title. So, Brazil is the most successful team in world cup history.

FIFA World Cup 2022

There are 32 teams played in this tournament that continue for 29 days. According to the FIFA world cup competition format, there are 64 games played in 2 stages. The first is groups wise stage in which 48 matches will play. As in 2nd stage, the teams split into 8 groups where each group has 4 teams.

Every team in the group will play three matches with other teams in his group to show their best skills. Based on their performance, 2 teams will be selected from each group for the next stage of the competition. On the FIFA World Cup Points Table, you can see how each team did throughout the group stage.

After the group round, a total of 16 teams will remain in the competition. The single-elimination format will play after the knockout round. If any team loses the match in the knockout stage, it will not play in the world cup.

Hence, there are 16 teams will remain in the round of 16. 8 matches will play in this round the winning teams qualify for the quarterfinal stage.

After, in the quarter-final stage, the 4 matches are played between the 8 winners that win the round 16 stages. Hence, these 4 winners from the quarter-final stage will move to the semi-final.

After that, 2 matches will play in the semi-final, and these round winners are played to the final match. the third-place match will be between the losers of the two semi-final games.

Let’s talk about the tickets, squads, awards, and other things about the world cup

Fifa World Cup Tickets for 2022

The tickets are on sale in 3 types and different packages. Like a single match, single team, four stadium series, or Accessibility Tickets. The sale of FIFA world cup 2022 tickets began on 19 Jan 2022, interested fans can apply for buying the tickets.

Fifa World Cup Schedule 2022

The world cup will play for 28 days in 5 host cities and in 8 stadiums, a total of 64 games will play in this period. But the matches will play according to the local time of the hosted country. We provide the complete FIFA world cup schedule on our website.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers

Of 32 teams the Qatar team will choose as the hosted team in this tournament. But the former 31 teams will pass through the tough FIFA world cup qualifiers process to play in the world cup. The FIFA World Cup Qualifying games will take place between June 6, 2019, and June 14, 2022.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Hay’ya Card/FAN ID

The Hayya or Fan ID smart technology-based cards has revealed by the Qatar government. It will help as a pass for free matchday transport, and help to access the state of Qatar and its stadiums with match tickets. After getting a Fan ID the fan can enter Qatar with their real passport.

FIFA World Cup Venues 2022

There are 8 new venues created by the Qatar government for the world cup. These stadiums have built-in 5 different cities that are close to each other. So you can enjoy the 2 matches on the same day by driving for 30 mint.

Fifa World Cup 2022 Squads

Every playing team in the world cup will submit a list of 35 players to FIFA which is called a release list. Teams may also select 23 players from the release list as their final shortlist.
In case of any illness or an injury, the team can choose another player that was not the part of release list. This decision takes place Up to 24 hours before the start of their first match.

Fifa World Cup 2022 Awards

FIFA honours the top athletes once the competition is over. The Golden Ball, Golden Boot, Golden Glove, Best Young Player, and Fair Play Trophy will be presented.

Official Mascot FIFA World Cup 2022

On 1 April 2022 at the final draw, Laeeb as the Fifa world cup official Mascot was declared. In the Arabic language, the meaning of La’eeb is “awesome-skilled Athletics”. La’eeb has a vibrant energy that conveys happiness and trust everywhere it goes.

Official Mascot FIFA World Cup 2022

2022 Official Match Ball FIFA World Cup 2022

The official match ball of the FIFA world cup is Al Rihal. The Al Rihal ball has made by Pakistan. The meaning of Al Rihal in the Arabian language is ” the voyage “. The design of this ball is inspired by Arabic Culture. Al Rahil moves faster than its originators, and its CRT cores provide incredible speed and exactness.

FIFA World Cup Volunteers 2022

Fifa provides a volunteer program that helps you become part of the world cup 2022. Anyone that is 18+ years old can join this program, however, he has related to any gender, religion, or race.

The volunteers will get free public transportation, meal, and special uniform during the shift but they will not get any salary.

FIFA World Cup Live Streaming

In-depth coverage rights have been secured by FIFA for TV and online streaming platforms. Every network is required to offer live coverage for both Television and online devices because more than 180 nations have bought the rights.

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