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FIFA World Cup Golden Glove Winners From 1930 to 2022

FIFA World Cup Golden Glove Winners

FIFA World Cup Golden Glove Winners

When it comes to football, the most crucial player of the team is the goalkeeper, especially during knockouts, because everyone saves matters. So for them, FIFA introduced an outstanding “ Golden glove winner” award.
The FIFA World cup “Golden Glove award” is presented to the great goalkeepers who have given their best performance in world cup matches.
From 1930 to 1990, the best goalkeepers had been getting the Lev Yashin Award. While in 2010, the name of the Lev Yashin Award changed and it’s named Golden Glove.

List of FIFA World Cup Golden Glove Winners:

Here we have made a list of Golden glove winners from 1930-2022, along with countries and years:

Name Year Country
Emiliano Martinez
2022 Argentina
Thibaut Courtois 2018 Belgium
Manuel Neuer 2014 Germany
Iker Casillas 2010 Spain
Gianluigi Buffon 2006 Italy
Oliver Kahn 2002 Germany
Fabien Barthez 1998 France
Michel Preud’homme 1994 Belgium
Luis Gabelo 1990 Conejo
Jean-Marie Pfaff 1986 Belgium
Dino Zolf 1982 Italy
Ubaldo Fillo 1978 Argentina
Sepp Maier 1974 West Germany
Sepp Maier         1974 West Germany
Ladislao Mazurkiewicz 1970 Uruguay
Gordon Banks 1966 England
Gordon Banks 1966 England
Viliam Schrojf    1962 Czechoslovakia
Harry Gregg 1958 Northern Island
Gyula Grosics 1954 Hungary
Roque Máspoli  1950 Uruguay
František Plánička 1938 Czechoslovakia
Enrique Ballestrero 1930 Uruguay

As you guys know, the goalkeeper’s importance is a lot, and half of the match is dependent on them, so they have to be conscious as there are a lot of chances of a tie so, that’s why they are awarded a special award “ Golden Glove winner”. TSG is a FIFA technical group that selects the winner according to their performance. 

There are a lot of Golden award winners, but Oliver Kahn is the only footballer awarded by Golden Glove and the Golden Ball award in the same year.

In 2018, many players amazingly played, but they couldn’t save their team from remaining in the competition. Kasper Schmeichel, Akinfeev, etc., played very well, but they couldn’t win.

World Cup 2022 Golden Glove Winner

Emiliano Martinez, the goalie for Argentina, won the award & made a scene when he received the Golden Glove award. The Aston Villa goalkeeper put the Golden Glove award to his pelvis on the stage after just playing an important role in the penalty kick.

2022 FIFA World Cup Golden Glove Winner


FIFA World cup Golden glove has been presented to the best goalkeepers who had performed well as you guys know that the goalkeeper’s importance is a lot and half of the match is dependent on them.

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