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FIFA World Cup Awards List

FIFA World Cup Awards List

Helping your country to win the World Cup has great awards for a soccer player than other awards. Besides the world cup trophy, the FIFA world cup provides other awards for the players who show their best skills in the contest. We analyze each FIFA World Cup awards list that has to offer during or following a World Cup.

All FIFA World Cup Awards List

Golden Glove Award

The golden glove award is given to the goalkeeper who performs best in the world cup final match. Since the initial World Cup in 1930, the best goalie has received a prize.

Lev Yashin Award 1st time introduced in 1994 that was presented to the best goalie in the world cup. The name of this award was set to the former Russian goalkeeper Lev Yashin. In 2010 the Best Goalkeeper award name changed and was set as Golden Glove Award.

2022 FIFA World Cup Golden Glove Winner

Golden Boot Award

In 1930 the golden boot award was introduced this is given to the player who scored the highest goals in the tournament. This award is statistics based so any player who made the most goals in the world cup has considered the winner of this award.

2022 FIFA World Cup Golden Boot Winners

Golden Ball Award

This award started in 1982, this is offered to the best player in the world cup. This is more valuable than of Golden Balls award. Which player wins this prize this thing is decided by the FIFA expert team. This award is given to the athlete in the final match of the FIFA world cup.

FIFA World Cup 2022 Golden Ball Winners

Goal Of  The Tournament Award

In the 2006 FIFA world cup, the 1st Goal Of The Tournament Award was presented. The criteria little bit flexible for the winner of this award. FIFA expert team and fan votes both are decided the winner of this prize.

Man Of The Match Award

This award is given in every world cup match to the best player. This prize has most times been won by Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, and Arjen Robben. In a single world cup, Wesley Snieder and Messi make the record to win this award 4 times.

Best Young Player Award

This award is provided to motivate the new young footballers. In the 2006 world cup, the first time award was presented to the under -21 best players. The player under the age of 21 who makes the most goals, attacks, or shutouts usually receives this award.
2022 FIFA World Cup Best Young Player Award Winner

Team of Tournament

This prize was started distributed in the 1990 world cup. Every 11 players on the team will receive a world cup XI trophy. The winner of this award is selected by the FIFA expert based on opinion & Statistics.

Fair Play Trophy

This award goes to the team which shows best-disciplined means that has got low yellow & red cards in the tournament. It started in the 1970 world cup after that it was added to the world cup awards list. Sometimes, This prize wins by the team that shows their best spirit in the competition at any special moment.

2022 World Cup FIFA Fair Play Trophy Winner

Most Entertaining Team Award

This award is offered to the squared that made the highest number of goals in the world cup. If the teams made an equal number of goals, so this award goes to the team that makes low goals. This began distributed in 1998 first time.

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