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FIFA World Cup Goal Of The Tournament Winners 2022

FIFA World Cup Goal Of The Tournament Winners 2022

The FIFA world cup distributes many awards to the teams and players for showing great performances. Of those awards, one award is the goal of the tournament. This award is presented to the player that hit an outstanding goal in the World cup. The winner of this award is chosen by the fan votes.

FIFA World Cup Goal Of The Tournament Winners 2022

There are only 4 players who win the goal of the tournament award from 2006 to 2018. Let’s discuss these winners more in detail:

  • Argentina footballer Maxi Rodriguez scored in round 16 against Mexico in the 2006 world cup.
  • In the 3rd place match of the South Africa world cup 2010, Uruguay player Diego Forlan scored against Germany.
  • In the 2014 world cup which was held in Brazil. Against Uruguay, in round 16 Colombian Player Rodriguez scored the goal.
  • Benjamin Pavard Scored against Argentina in round 16 during the Russia 2018 world cup.

How to Select The Goal Of The Tournament Winners?

This award was created to increase fan interactions between FIFA and its supporters. Any stage of the competition from the group stage to the championship game is eligible for the goal. However, the FIFA Technical Study Group compiles a shortlist of candidates for fan voting, and the voters make the final decision.

The Technical Study Group selects all the goals that they think are deserving. So the shortlist does not generally have the same number of goals every year. There were 18 goals offered for fans to choose from at the previous World Cup in 2018.

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