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FIFA Women’s World Cup Golden Glove Winners From 1999 to 2023

FIFA Women's World Cup Golden Glove Winners

The Women’s World Cup showcases the skill, passion, and determination of teams from around the globe. In the tournament, individual awards recognize exceptional performances in various positions.

One such accolade is the Golden Glove, representing the tournament’s outstanding goalkeeper. In this article, we will delve into the history of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Golden Glove Award and highlight the winners throughout the years.

The inception of the Golden Glove Award

The Golden Glove Award has been integral to recognizing goalkeepers’ exceptional talent and skill in this tournament since 2011. Before that, in 2003 and 2007, a Best Goalkeeper award was presented, showcasing the remarkable abilities of these players.

Interestingly, in 1999, two exceptional goalkeepers were honored by being named to the coveted All-Star Team.

The selection process for the award involves the FIFA Technical Study Group meticulously assessing and evaluating the performances of goalkeepers throughout the entire tournament. This ensures the recipient deserves the honor based on their outstanding contributions during the final game.

It is worth noting that while goalkeepers have their dedicated award, they are also qualified for the highly coveted Golden Ball Award. This further emphasizes their significance in their respective teams’ overall success.

This award recognizes the individual excellence of goalkeepers and highlights the importance of their position in the tournament. Their best performances, agility, and expert shot-stopping skills make them integral to any successful team.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Golden Glove Winners

Several Golden Glove winners have stood out for their exceptional careers and contributions to women’s football. Among these notable recipients are:

Sari van Veenendaal| 2019 Winner

Van Veenendaal’s heroic performances in the Women’s World Cup 2019 earned her the Golden Glove and established her as one of the best goalkeepers in the world. Her acrobatic saves were instrumental in the Netherlands’ journey to the final.

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Hope Solo | 2011 & 2015 Winner

The only goalkeeper who has won the Golden Glove twice in the event. Solo showcased her incredible shot-stopping abilities and exceptional leadership skills throughout her illustrious career. Her contributions to the USA’s success in the 2011 and 2015 tournaments were immeasurable.

Nadine Angerer | 2007 Winner

As the first-ever Golden Glove winner, Nadine Angerer set the standard for excellence in women’s goalkeeping. Her effort and performances have solidified her place as one of the game’s all-time greats.

These remarkable goalkeepers have left an enduring legacy in FIFA Women’s World Cup history. And have inspired future generations of goalkeepers to strive for greatness.

Year World Cup Players Clean sheets
2023 Australia & New Zealand Mary Earps 6
2019 France  Sari van Veenendaal 3
2015 Canada  Hope Solo 5
2011 Germany  Hope Solo 2
2007 China  Nadine Angerer 6
2003 USA  Silke Rottenberg 2
1999 USA  Gao Hong, Briana Scurry 4
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