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Five Things We Learned From the 2023/24 UEFA Champions League

Five Things We Learned From the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League

The stage is set for Real Madrid to win their 15th UEFA Champions League title. The football community holds this sentiment because of Madrid’s record in the Champions League final.

However, Borussia Dortmund is not to be written off because they have exemplified the spirit of the underdog in the competition this season to make it to Wembley. Fans are already buying their UCL final tickets on seatsnet.com and are preparing to enjoy themselves to the fullest.

As both teams prepare for the clash, here are some lessons we learned during the 2023/24 UCL season.

Buying UEFA Champions League Tickets

After clubs have issued season tickets to fans, organizations, and corporate bodies that are official club members, only a few thousand tickets are always left to be sold every game week.

Getting these tickets is a little easier for fans who live near the club. Outside the traveling and lodging costs for club fans living in another country or state, securing one of these few thousand tickets is always an issue.

Local fans can walk to their club’s ticketing offices, while fans from far away cannot. This situation gets even trickier when the games are played away or at a neutral venue, like the UEFA Champions League final.

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This is the problem that ticket reselling platforms like seatsnet.com solve. Fans worldwide can log on to the website and purchase tickets from fans or fan organizations who want to do away with their tickets and not lose out entirely.

UCL final tickets are currently on sale on seatsnet.com. You can easily and without hassle get your matchday tickets for Wembley.

PSG and Barcelona Are Not Winning the Champions League Anytime Soon

I sympathize with Paris Saint-Germain and Barcelona fans who purchased tickets to see their clubs fall again on Europe’s biggest stage.

Despite being two of Europe’s biggest clubs, they have failed to inspire big moments in the Champions League; PSG for their whole history and Barcelona for the larger part of a decade.

Both teams happened to participate in the 2023/24 edition, which, according to analysts, was the longest straw they could have drawn.

PSG’s shaky group stage performances carried on into the knockout rounds, where they were saved by lady luck until they met a resolute Borussia Dortmund in the semis.

Meanwhile, Barcelona, which had a strong group stage outing, fell apart like a stack of dominoes at the slightest push.

Both teams will participate in the 2024/25 competition edition, but many have realized they are not yet ready to challenge for the title. This is a sad realization for PSG fans and an even sadder realization for Barcelona fans because their club is in the worst era of their history.

Another Manchester City Win Is on the Horizon

Manchester City has slowly built from the ground up to become a European heavyweight.

The foundations of this building may be suspect, but nobody can take away from them their drive, motivation, quality, and overall skill as a football team.

Their journey ended in the quarter-final stage, but that was because they faced the finalists Real Madrid, the only team that could outplay them in Europe this season.

This matchup has become a given for the last three seasons and will probably continue for another five years because both teams are the current untouchables in European football.

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Having already eliminated Real Madrid on the road to a final, they are expected to be able to pull it off again soon and lift the title once again.

Manchester City is a late bloomer in English football, but I believe they could soon surpass Manchester United’s UEFA Champions League legacy.

We also believe this will happen in a few seasons, starting with the 2023/24 season. Thanks to their foundation, this will happen with or without Pep Guardiola.

There Are Few Elite Strikers Left in Europe

The top scorers of all time in the UEFA Champions League are Cristiano Ronaldo (141 goals) and Lionel Messi (129 goals).

Both players are not strikers, even though they scored many of these goals from the center-forward position.

However, many strikers – out-and-out number 9s – are in the top 20 goal scorers of all time in the Champions League.

If you look at the top goal scorers in the Champions League over the last five seasons, they are filled with attacking midfielders and forwards like Ronaldo and Messi, some of whom sometimes play as centre-forwards.

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Players like Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappé, Sadio Mané, Mohamed Salah, Raheem Sterling, and Leroy Sané are among the top scorers of the Champions League since 2015. There are very few strikers on this list.

Is this a result of coaches trying to force all their forwards to be goal-scorers, or is it a result of the dearth of elite striking talent in football today?

We cannot say. However, one thing is clear: the number 9 position lacks quality across European clubs.

Real Madrid Will Dominate for Years to Come

Real Madrid will face Borussia Dortmund in the final of the UEFA Champions League on 1 June 2024. The game will take place at Wembley Stadium, England, at 20:00 hours UK time on that day.

Tickets for the game can be gotten on seatsnet.com using the search string “Dortmund vs Real Madrid tickets” or “UCL final tickets.”

As alluded to in the earlier parts of this article, many will be at Wembley believing that Madrid will lift the cup at the end of the night. If they do not, fans should still look forward to another Real Madrid final appearance soon.

Not only are they the most successful team in the competition, but they have also made five of the last nine Champions League finals, winning all of them. The game against Dortmund at Wembley will be their sixth appearance in this same period.

Based on their history, it will take some time before they are relegated to their pre-2013 days in the competition. Rival fans, brace up.

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