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Refund Policy for FIFA World Cup Tickets 2022

Refund Policy for FIFA World Cup Tickets

According to the refund policy, only the ticket user is eligible for a refund; FIFA Ticketing is not obligated to give a refund or any other kind of payment to the ticket applicant’s friends.

Any refund amount will be determined by removing any admin fees paid as completion of the ticket application from the Ticket market value. FIFA Charging will also not be responsible if foreign changes in exchange rates cause the refund amount to be less than the original cost.

Refund Policy for FIFA World Cup Tickets 2022

In the case that FIFA rejects a ticket because the ticket applicant or any of their guests violated the terms of sale, the terms of usage, or the stadium code of conduct. The Ticket Applicant will only be qualified for a refund if FIFA Ticketing cancels a ticket in the following circumstances:

  • Cancellation, delay, or transfer of the match, as further detailed in the Terms of Use;
  • For reasons related to health, safety, technical, or other factors that FIFA deems suitable, FIFA must lower the stadium’s capacity.
  • A ticket package does not correspond to a team that is competing in the competition;
  • A conditional ticket does not allow the team it is for to participate in the match or competition stage in question.

FIFA Ticketing shall conduct a refund of the required amount in Qatari Riyal (QAR) to the same payment card used by the ticket buyer to buy the ticket within thirty (30) working days if the ticket applicant is eligible for one.

Other payment cards won’t be processed for refunds. The application must supply bank account information so FIFA Ticketing may conduct the refund by bank transfer if it cannot be routed to the applicant’s payment card.

It is vital to remember that the official 2022 FIFA World Cup ticket website is the sole official online ticketing sales platform for general fans. Tickets bought from other sources won’t be recognized, will be instantly canceled, and the holder won’t be entitled to any kind of reimbursement.

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