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How to Cancel FIFA World Cup 2022 Ticket and Return It to FIFA?

How to Cancel FIFA World Cup 2022 Ticket
The applicant cannot cancel or return the tickets after buying the tickets. You have bought the world cup tickets but can’t go to the match due to any reason. If you want to return the ticket, then we would like to inform you that the sales of the tickets are final.

So What Can You Do?

You could sell all your tickets on the official FIFA Ticket Resale Platform if you are unable to attend the game. But there are no guarantees that they will be sold due to restrictions on resale.


Can I Cancel My FIFA World Cup Tickets?

No, you cannot cancel your ticket if you have bought it for the FIFA world cup.

Can I Sell My FIFA World Cup Tickets?

According to FIFA, fans who bought World Cup tickets online may list them for resale on the organization’s official ticket exchange website.

How Can I Change My FIFA Ticket?

“My ticket application” should be clicked. Log into your FIFA ticketing account by selecting the appropriate link to the ticketing system. On the side menu, select “My tickets.” Decide on “Modify ticket holder.”

How Can I Buy FIFA 2022 Tickets?

Fans must create an account on FIFA’s ticket gateway to purchase World Cup tickets on the official FIFA website.

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