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How to Resell Your FIFA World Cup Tickets 2022?

How to Resell Your FIFA World Cup Tickets 2022

Many people are confused if they may auction off or sell their 2022 FIFA World Cup tickets to another person. 

The short answer is that you cannot in any manner sell, offer for sale, donate, auction, or serve as a commercial ticketing agent for another party without FIFA’s clear prior written approval.

In contrast to past World Cup competitions, a Ticket applicant is allowed to provide tickets to tourists for free or for a price that isn’t more than the ticket’s face value. Also, the person to whom the ticket is issued is never allowed to transfer the ticket.

The guest must return the ticket to the applicant for the ticket if they are unable to use it. The applicant may then assign the ticket to another visitor. 

How to Resell Your FIFA World Cup Tickets 2022?

The FIFA World Cup Tickets Resale Platform will be accessible Up to August 16. You must use the Official FIFA Resale Platform to list your tickets for resale if you wish to resell them. Reselling is not assured, and FIFA will impose an executive cost.

FIFA controls the resale and transfer of tickets and founds its decisions on aspects including fair pricing, preventing the sale of fake tickets, consumer protection, and event security.

Ticketing Service For Customer Care

You can contact them on the FIFA contact form and their numbers if you have any questions about the tickets. Qatari citizens will contact this number is +974 4144 2022 and foreign people call on this number at +41 565 512 022.

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