Rugby Referees Salaries 2023 | How Much Do Rugby Referees Get Paid?

Rugby Referees Salaries

Making the right decision on the rugby field is an art mastered by only the referees. Deciding the points to complete the game is always tough for a referee because a single mistake can destroy their career and change the whole game.

Therefore, a rugby referee does accuracy and tries to understand the game deeply. Yet, despite their high pressure and responsibility, rugby referees do not earn as much money as referees earn in other sports. In this article, we will discuss how much rugby referees salaries.

Rugby Referees Salaries 2023

RefereesPer MatchMain Event MatchAnnual Earnings
Rookies $500$20k (Based on Contract)

Rookies Rugby Referees

These are beginner referees who start their officiating career in the Rugby world. Rookie referees earn a $500 salary when they officiate in the local event matches. They do not have much experience in officiating, so they don’t get an officiating chance in the main events.

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These referees make the lowest money because they do not have big contracts. As they get experience, they get the big contract and officiating chance in the main events. Rookie referees make approximately $20k annually, but mainly, their earnings depend on the agreements.

Female Rugby Referees

In the previous few years, Female referees become a crucial part of every sport. Female referees are essential for female rugby matches. Sara Cox is the first female referee to join the rugby. But now, female referees also started officiating in the men’s games, as we saw in the Men’s FIFA World Cup 2022.

Female officiates make $750 in the local tournament matches. But when they give their officiate services in the big events, they make $2k per match. According to an estimate, female rugby referees earn $125k per year. However, their salaries are lower than those of male referees because of the gender gap.

Professional Rugby Referees

Professional referees have much experience in match officiating and earn the most money than other referees. When these referees officiate in the local event, they make $1.5k per match.

While they officiate in the main tournaments like the French Top 14 and Premiership Rugby, they get $5k per match. They also get bonuses and free lodgings at the main events. According to the reports, the professional referee makes $200k per annum.

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Highest Paid Rugby Referees

Wayne Barnes, Karl Dickson, and J. P. Doyle are the highest-paid rugby referees who make $1.5k per match and $200k annually. 

RefereesPer MatchLeagueAnnual Salary
Wayne Barnes$1.5kPremiership Rugby$200k
Karl Dickson$1.5kPremiership Rugby$200k
J. P. Doyle$1.5kPremiership Rugby$200k
Christophe Berdos$1.5kFrance Top 14$200k
Jerome Garces$1.5kFrance Top 14$200k
Alexandre Ruiz$1.5kFrance Top 14$200k

The referees officiating in the English Premiership Rugby get the highest salary and big contracts. On the tour to officiate matches, they get free travel packaging and housing.

Wayne Barnes is the top referee in this league who also officiated in the previous World Cup. These referees also get an opportunity to officiate in the Rugby World Cup if they show their best performances in the league.

International Rugby Union and France Top 14 Rugby are the other top rugby leagues that give the highest Wages to referees. They also provide free travel packages and lodging when referees are on the tour.

Jerome Garces belongs to the France Top 14 and officiated in the Rugby World Cup 2019. In the France Top 14, the referees make up to $1.5k per match. While in the International Rugby Union, referees make up to $4k per match and $400k annually. 

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