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FIFA World Cup Referees Salary

FIFA World Cup Referees Salary

The 2022 FIFA World Cup dates have been set, and the event will occur in Qatar. Regarding the most costly World Cup in Football history, the Qatar World Cup is top on the list. The FIFA World Cup referees’ salaries depended on whether the game was in a league or Europe.

The best referees from each of the football confederations officiate the majority of matches at the international level. FIFA tries to choose the referees with the highest caliber and the most experience. In big tournaments, the match referees almost always have a significant burden.

Undoubtedly, many fans watch huge events like the FIFA World Cup. The referees officiating at these events also receive substantial compensation for their work.

More than 30 officials considered the finest in their field were chosen by FIFA to officiate matches during the 2018 World Cup. This article will discuss all FIFA World Cup referees’ salaries and how much they charge for a game.

Referees Contracted Salaries 

The managerial body of the FIFA World Cup has decided that each match referee would receive $70,000 for involvement in the FIFA World Cup 2018. During the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, the officials for each match were paid a contracted pay of $50,000.

The authorities did an excellent job of raising their incomes. The amount of money a match official earns from a World Cup event is at least three times higher than the amount they get for managing games in the UCL.

However, there was also a rise in the agreed remuneration for the assistant referees. FIFA also determined that each lineman would receive 25,000 United States Dollars for participating in the World Cup in Russia. In addition, for the first time in the annals of this competition.

A video assistance referee was utilized throughout the match. Compared to the assistant referees, video assistant referees could earn up to $25,000 in addition to their contracted pay.

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Referees Per Match Fees

For officiating each game at the 2018 World Cup, match referees paid $3k and 2,260 British Pounds. In most cases, a match official was responsible for overseeing an average of two games, and FIFA also added the match fees they earned to their contracted pay.

They picked up two thousand dollars in United States currency for an appearance far less than what the linemen were paid. Each video assistant referee was paid the same amount for officiating a single match, equivalent to $2,000 United States Dollars or 1,500 Great Britain Pounds.

FIFA World Cup Referees’ Salary

The pay for World Cup referees varies according to their level of expertise. It splits into categories every time. A group of match referees officiates a football game. As follows:

  • Match Referee
  • Assistant Referees
  • Fourth Official
  • Video Assistant Referees

World Cup Match Referee’s Salary

World Cup Match Referee's Salary

The referee is one of the most influential people in the game. He is on the field. He runs next to players on the area’s left and right sides. The most a match referee could make for International matches was €750 per match.

But once he was chosen for the big tournaments, like the FIFA World Cup, the European Championship, and Copa America, he played in all of them.

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Roles of Match Referees

  • They can stop, pause, or end the match at their own will.
  • He can stop the game if they think a player is seriously hurt and ensure he is taken off the field.
  • When the game starts again, his job is to get the injured player back on the field.
  • Ensure that all of the game’s rules are followed during the game.
  • Controlling the game with the help of the assistant referees and, if necessary, the fourth official and other officials. Make sure that any ball used meets the requirements of Law 2.

Assistants Referees Salary

Assistants Referees Salary-sportsest

The two assistant referees on each field side are called “linesmen.” They mainly check the offside rules and fouls that the referee can’t see. Regular FIFA-friendly games pay assistant referees €500 per game. But their pay went from €500 to €2,500 per game when they started playing in FIFA tournaments.

Key Roles of Assistants Referees

  • They are in charge of determining which team can take a free kick or corner kick.
  • The referee’s job is to see if the player is in the wrong place.
  • To see if a substitution has been asked for
  • The assistant referee had a chance to get on the field to help control the distance of 10 yards.

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Fourth Official Referees Salary

The fourth official is in charge of checking a player’s equipment and monitoring how substitutions are made. For a specific player to return to the field, the referee must give their OK. He is responsible for ensuring that the balls are changed during the game.

Fourth Official Referees Salary

Roles of Fourth Official Referee

  • Checking the process of substitution
  • He is the one containing the players, replacement
  • The referee must give permission when a player returns to the game after a signal.
  • Specifying how much extra time the referee plans to play at the end of each half.

FIFA Video Assistant Referees Salaries

The VAR referee is one of the essential rules that has changed football for good. Players scored many goals before the match; officials told anyone.

FIFA Video Assistant Referees Salaries

The referees get €600 for qualifying and friendly games after the video assistant has reviewed the competition. But whoever is chosen for the FIFA World Cup 2022 VAR and AVAR will make €3,000 per match.

  • AVAR referee will only use replay footage to make a call when there is a “clear and obvious error.”
  • Any severe behavior during the game involving a penalty, foul, goal, or no goal will get a direct red card.

World Cup Referees’ Salaries

Officials Per Match Fees Playoff & Finals Fees Tournament Payouts
Match Referees € 5,000 € 10,000 € 300,000
Assistant Referees € 2,500 € 5,000 € 150,000
Fourth Official € 2,500 € 5,000 € 150,000
Video Assistant Referees € 3,000 € 5,000 € 175,000

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Note: Once their names are confirmed, we’ll tell you everything you need about the Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup referees’ salaries. The UEFA and CONMEBOL confederations chose most of the match officials.

Reports say that all of the match officials come from CONMEBOL and UEFA. Most of the time, referees chose Argentina, Brazil, England, France, and Italy.

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