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Official FIFA World Cup 2022 Song

Official FIFA World Cup 2022 Song

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will begin in just a few months. This year FIFA is trying to do something different that FIFA does not do before in world cup history because FIFA wants to make this world cup more memorable than previous cups.

BTS, Lil Baby, and other famous singers and actors will show their performances at the FIFA world cup opening ceremony. At the same time, they will increase the glory of the world cup and will create new excitement among the fans.

Any major event’s beating heart is its official anthem or song. Thanks to World Cup anthems and melodies, people become more excited about the world cup. Especially in football, where supporters are more devoted to their squad.

Official FIFA World Cup 2022 Song

Most people thought that FIFA would release the FIFA Anthem in the middle of 2021, but they decided to release this song at the beginning of 2022. The FIFA world cup songs and anthems attract fans to the world cup and encourage fans to support their teams. In addition, the official themes also help FIFA to promote the world cup and sponsorships.

FIFA releases music with a multi-song album featuring several international artists. The official FIFA World cup 2022 song has launched on 1. April 2022, which Redone produced. Hayya Hayya (Better Together) is the name of the world cup official song that has been available on the FIFA YouTube account.

The song has received about 610k likes and 19 million views on YouTube. For the Fifa World Cup, Lil Bay has also released one more official song, ‘The World is Yours to Take.’

‘Hayya Hayya’ Official Song Actual Meaning

The American R&B singer Trinidad Cardon, Nigerian artist David, and  Qatari artist Aisha have sung the ‘Hayya Hayya’ song. This song’s title in English is ‘Better Together. Its lyrics correspond to the idea of enjoying one of the biggest sports tournaments in the world by bringing fans together.

By uniting voices from the Americas, Africa, and the Middle East. Kay Madati has also discussed the true significance of this song. This song stands for how both music and football can bring people together.

Hayya Hayya (Better Together) | FIFA World Cup 2022™ Official Soundtrack

World Cup 2022 All Songs & Anthems List

Title  Language Writer Performer
Hayya Hayya (Better Together) English Davido, Trinidad Cardona, RedOne Trinidad Cardona, Davido and AISHA
Arhbo Spanish & French Ozuna & GIMS RedOne, Ozuna & GIMS
“MLK É LUZ, AL RIHLA” Portuguese MC Kekel MC Kekel, DJ Luck Muzic
The World Is Yours To Take English Lil Baby Lil Baby
Arhbo (Ooredoo version) Arabic Hasser Al Kubaisi, Ayed & Haneen Hussein Hameed Al Bloushi
“Aeropuerto” Spanish Camilo Camilo
Yet to Come Korean & English BTS Dan Gleyzer, J-Hope, Max, Pdogg, RM, Suga
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