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FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Referees

FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 Referees List

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Referees List

The FIFA Referees Committee has announced the names of the match officials selected for the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023. These officials include referees, assistant referees, and video match officials. These have been chosen for their exceptional quality and performances in FIFA tournaments and other international and domestic competitions.

Female Video Match Officials

Female video match referees have been chosen to officiate at a World Cup for the first time. The FIFA referees team will consist of 33 referees, 55 assistant referees, and 19 video match referees for the 2023 Women’s World Cup.

These referees were chosen from the six confederations according to their skills in previous years’ local, international, and FIFA competitions. This significant milestone demonstrates FIFA’s commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering women in football.

The Standard of Refereeing

Pierluigi Collina, the chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee, revealed that the chosen match referees show excellent refereeing skills worldwide. These referees were selected because they showed the best refereeing talents in the previous edition.

The journey towards the Women’s World Cup began in 2020 with the ‘Road to Australia & New Zealand’ project. Over 170 prospective match referees received extensive training to ensure they would be ready for the competition.

Despite the problems got by the COVID-19 outbreak, FIFA gave the officials thorough help and training.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Referees List

Referees Assistant Referees VMOs
Kate Jacewicz Sarah Ho May Yee Abdulla Al-Marri
Kim Yu-jeong Makoto Bozono Chris Beath
Oh Hyeon-jeong Joanna Charaktis Muhammad Taqi
Casey Reibelt Kim Kyoung-min Carol Anne Chenard
Yoshimi Yamashita Lee Seul-gi Drew Fischer
Vincentia Amedome Park Misuk Tatiana Guzman
Bouchra Karboubi Heba Saadia Armando Villarreal
Akhona Makalima Naomi Teshirogi Salomé Di Iorio
Salima Mukansanga Ramina Tsoi Nicolás Gallo
Marianela Araya Xie Lijun Daiane Muniz dos Santos

Preparation and Support

The FIFA Referees Committee aims to provide rigorous and focused preparation for the selected referees. They will receive ongoing monitoring and guidance in the months leading to the Women’s World Cup.

Kari Seitz, FIFA’s Head of Women’s Refereeing, highlighted the importance of support and introduced new programs, such as the Tracking & Support program, to accelerate the referee’s development.

Competitions and Partnerships

To prepare the officials mentally, physically, and technically, FIFA’s women’s refereeing program has incorporated their participation in prestigious competitions.

These include the Algarve Cup, FIFA U-17 WWC in India, and FIFA U-20 WWC in Costa Rica.

FIFA also partners with the Maurice Revello Event, a U-20 Men’s National-Team Competition. These opportunities have allowed the referees to demonstrate their abilities and enhance their readiness for the World Cup.

Women’s Refereeing Making History

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is not the only tournament where women officials break barriers. A historic milestone was reached in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 as six female officials were appointed for the tournament.

Preparatory Seminars

Chosen match referees will attend Seminars for Reparation in Montevideo and Doha. These events will include an extensive video analysis of real game moments and practical training classes with athletes.

The sessions will be recorded to provide instant feedback to the referees and enhance their decision-making skills on the field.

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Role of Video Match Officials

The successful use of the VAR system at the 2019 Women’s World Cup has paved the way for its inclusion in the upcoming tournament. A team of 19 VMOs will operate in New Zealand, Aotearoa & Australia.

Notably, six female VMOs will make history by serving in this crucial role, further highlighting FIFA’s commitment to gender equality and promoting women in all aspects of football.


The selection of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 referees represents the best of women’s refereeing worldwide. FIFA’s rigorous preparation, support, and inclusivity ensure these officials are ready to perform excellently on the world stage.

With the tournament fast approaching, the focus is on maintaining the same standard of refereeing witnessed in previous editions and creating another successful and memorable event.

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