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What Teams have qualified for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023?

FIFA Women's World Cup Qualifiers 2023

The Women’s World Cup 2023 is around the corner. This world cup will be jointly hosted by Australia & New Zealand and will include 32 teams for the first time. Let’s examine the nations who made it to the Women’s World Cup in more detail.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Qualifiers 2023

No. Nation (FIFA Ranking) Region How they qualified
1 Argentina (29) CONMEBOL Copa America Fem. 3rd spot
2 Australia (13) AFC Co-hosts
3 Brazil (9) CONMEBOL Copa America Fem. finalists
4 Canada (7) CONCACAF Group champions
5 China (15) AFC Asian Cup semi-finalists
6 Colombia (27) CONMEBOL Copa America Fem. finalists
7 Costa Rica (37) CONCACAF Group runners-up
8 Denmark (18) UEFA Group champions
9 England (4) UEFA Group champions
10 France (5) UEFA Group champions
11 Germany (3) UEFA Group champions
12 Haiti (55) CONCACAF World Cup playoff
13 Italy (14) UEFA Group champions
14 Jamaica (43) CONCACAF Group runners-up
15 Japan (11) AFC Asian Cup semi-finalists
16 Morocco (76) CAF WAFCON semi-finalists
17 Netherlands (8) UEFA Group champions
18 New Zealand (22) OFC Co-hosts
19 Nigeria (45) CAF WAFCON semi-finalists
20 Norway (12) UEFA Group champions
21 Panama (57) CONCACAF World Cup playoff
22 Philippines (53) AFC Asian Cup semi-finalists
23 Portugal (22) UEFA World Cup playoff
24 Republic of Ireland (24) UEFA UEFA playoff winners
25 South Africa (54) CAF WAFCON semi-finalists
26 South Korea (17) AFC Asian Cup semi-finalists
27 Spain (6) UEFA Group champions
28 Sweden (2) UEFA Group champions
29 Switzerland (21) UEFA UEFA playoff winners
30 United States (1) CONCACAF Group champions
31 Vietnam (34) AFC Asian Cup play-offs
32 Zambia (81) CAF WAFCON semi-finalists

Berths By Confederation For FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023

Confederation Direct Berths Playoff Spots Nations Competing
AFC (Asia) 5+1 2 27
CAF (Africa) 4 2 32
Concacaf (Caribbean, North, and Central America) 4 2 32
CONMEBOL (South America) 3 2 10
OFC (Oceania) 0+1 1 10
UEFA (Europe) 11 1 51
Intercontinental Playoffs 3 10

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AFC (Asia)

Asian World Cup qualifying took place from 20 Jan to 6 Feb 2022, during the AFC Women’s Asian Cup. The top five teams in the event will get places in the Women’s World Cup.

The four quarterfinalists was compete for the fifth spot in the world cup. The remaining three quarterfinalists Chinese Taipei, Thailand, and Vietnam competed in a group round-robin stage.

Australia already qualified as a host and was also eliminated in the quarterfinals. Vietnam become the winner and was able to enter its first Women’s World Cup. Chinese Taipei and Thailand have moved to the playoffs competition.

CAF (Africa)

The Africa Women’s World Cup 2022  decided the qualifying teams from Africa which took from 2 July to 20 July 2022 in Morocco. The total 12 qualified teams contested for 4 direct places going to the WWC 2023. While also getting 2 more berths in the playoffs.

Concacaf (Caribbean, North & Central America)

For deciding who qualified for the Women’s World Cup, the Concacaf W Championship was held in Monterrey from 4 to 18 July 2022.

There were 8 teams divided into two groups, two teams from each pool move to the semi-finals and qualified for the World Cup. The two teams who are finishers of 3rd place get a place in the playoffs.

Canada, Jamaica, USA along with Costa Rica qualified for the Women’s World Cup. To the international playoff were Haiti and Panama. Mexico missed the World Cup for the second time in a row.

CONMEBOL (South America)

For CONMEBOL, the Copa América Femenina in 2022 became the way to the Women’s World Cup. Colombia hosted the competition from 8 July to 30 July 2022.

The 10 teams were split into two different groups each group had five teams. The leading two teams from each group go to the semifinals. The two 3rd-place teams go to a playoff for 5th place to determine which team would receive one of the two spots in the playoffs. 

Colombia & Brazil were the two teams that contested in the final. Argentina was the winner of the 3rd-place match. All these teams get direct invitations to the World Cup. Paraguay, who lost the third-place game, earned a spot in the inter-confederation playoffs.

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OFC (Oceania)

A spot in the playoffs and OFC qualifying place was selected by the OFC Women’s Nations Cup 2022. The competition took place in Fiji From 13 July to 30 July 2022.

The competition winner Papua New Guinea earned a spot in the playoffs. New Zealand did not participate in the competition because it qualified as a co-host.

UEFA (Europe)

Nine groups of 5 or 6 competitors were formed from the 51 participants’ countries. Each group’s victor directly goes to the 2023 Women’s World Cup. The first teams to win first place in their pool were France, Spain, and Sweden.

Switzerland and Ireland advanced to the tournament through the UEFA playoff, while Portugal won the spot for the intercontinental playoff.

Intercontinental Playoffs

The other 10 teams competed in the playoffs competition, and the top three nations secure the remaining places and qualified for the World Cup.

There were three groups in the playoff competition, which took place in New Zealand from 17 Feb to 23 Feb 2023, and the victories goes to the World Cup.

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These are the nations who are competing in the Playoffs tournament:

Confederation Team
UEFA Portugal
OFC Papua New Guinea
CONMEBOL Chile, Paraguay
CONCACAF Haiti, Panama
CAF Cameroon, Senegal
AFC Chinese Taipei, Thailand

The teams to qualify for the Women’s World Cup through the playoffs were Haiti, Portugal and Panama.

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