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Rugby World Cup 2023 Schedule

Rugby World Cup 2023 Schedule

France is hosting the Men’s Rugby World Cup 2023, where 20 countries compete for the trophy. Based on their victory in the Six Nations Tournament 2022, France has to secure their first-ever Rugby World Cup triumph on their turf.

The tournament will start with an electrifying clash between France and New Zealand on September 8 at the iconic Stade de France in Paris. This legendary venue will also serve as the stage for the semi-finals and the grand final, which will take place on Saturday, October 28.


AItaly, Namibia, Uruguay, New Zealand, France  
BTonga, Ireland, Romania, South Africa,  Scotland 
CWales, Georgia, Portugal,  Australia, Fiji
DArgentina, Chile, Samoa, England, Japan

Rugby World Cup 2023 Schedule By Date

8-09-23France v New ZealandSaint-Denis8 pm
9-09-23Ireland v RomaniaBordeaux12 pm
9-09-23Italy vs NamibiaSaint-Etienne2:30 pm
9-09-23Australia v GeorgiaSaint-Denis5 pm
9-09-23England v ArgentinaMarseille8 pm
10-09-23Japan v ChiliToulouse12 pm
10-09-23South Africa v ScotlandMarseille4: 45 pm
10-09-23Wales v FijiBordeaux8 pm
14-09-23France v UruguayLille8 pm
15-09-23New Zealand v NamibiaToulouse8 pm
16-09-23Samoa v ChiliBordeaux2 pm
16-09-23Wales v PortugalNice4:45 pm
16-09-23Ireland v TongaNantes8 pm
17-09-23South Africa v RomaniaBordeaux2 pm
17-09-23Australia v FijiSaint-Entienne4:45 pm
17-09-23England v JapanNice8 pm
20-09-23Italy v UruguayNice4:45 pm
21-09-23France v NamibiaMarseille8 pm
22-09-23Argentina v SamoaSaint-Entienne4:45 pm
23-09-23Georgia v PortugalToulouse1 pm
23-09-23England v ChiliLille4:45 pm
23-09-23South Africa v IrelandSaint-Denis8 pm
24-09-23Scotland v TongaNice4:45 pm
24-09-23Wales v AustraliaLyon8 pm
27-09-23Uruguay v NamibiaLyon4:45 pm
28-09-23Japan v SamoaToulouse8 pm
29-09-23New Zealand v ItalyLyon8 pm
30-09-23Argentina v ChiliNantes2 pm
30-09-23Fiji v GeorgiaBordeaux4:45 pm
30-09-23Scotland v RomaniaLille8 pm
1-10-23Australia v PortugalSaint-Entienne4:45 pm
1-10-23South Africa v TongaMarseille8 pm
5-10-23New Zealand v UruguayLyon8 pm
6-10-23France v ItalyLyon8 pm
7-10-23Wales v GeorgiaNantes2 pm
7-10-23England v SamoaLille4:45 pm
7-10-23Ireland v ScotlandSaint-Denis8 pm
8-10-23Japan v ArgentinaNantes8 pm
8-10-23Tonga v RomaniaLille12 pm
8-10-23Fiji v PortugalToulouse4:45 pm
14-10-23C Winner vs. D Runner-UpMarseille4 pm
14-10-23B Winner vs. A Runner-UpParis8 pm
15-10-23D Winner vs C Runner-UpMarseille4 pm
15-10-23A Winner vs. B Runner-UpParis 8 pm
20-10-23Quart Final 1 Winner vs. Quarter Final 2 WinnerParis 8 pm
21-10-23Quarter Final 3 Winner vs. Quarter Final 4 WinnerParis 8 pm
27-10-23Semi-Final 1 Runner-Up vs. Semi-Final 2 Runner-UpParis 8 pm
28-10-23Semi-Final 1 Winner vs. Semi-Final 2 WinnerParis 8 pm

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Rugby World Cup 2023 Schedule By Pool

Pool A

8-09-23France v New ZealandSaint-Denis
17-09-23Italy v NamibiaSaint-Entienne
14-09-23France v UruguayLille
15-09-23New Zealand v NamibiaToulouse
20-09-23Italy v UruguayNice
21-09-23France v NamibiaMarseille
27-09-23Uruguay v NamibiaLyon
29-09-23New Zealand v ItalyLyon
5-10-23New Zealand v UruguayLyon
5-10-23France v ItalyLyon

Pool B

9-09-23Ireland v RomaniaBordeaux
10-09-23South Africa v ScotlandMarseille
16-09-23Ireland v TongaNantes
17-09-23South Africa v RomaniaBordeaux
23-09-23South Africa v IrelandSaint-Denis
24-09-23Scotland v TongaNice
30-09-23Scotland v RomaniaLille
1-10-23South Africa v TongaMarseille
7-10-23Ireland v ScotlandSaint-Denis
8-10-23Tonga v RomaniaLille

Pool C

9-09-23Australia v GeorgiaSaint-Denis
10-09-23Wales v FijiBordeaux
16-09-23Wales v PortugalNice
17-09-23Australia v FijiSaint-Entienne
23-09-23Georgia v PortugalToulouse
24-09-23Wales v AustraliaLyon
30-09-23Fiji v GeorgiaBordeaux
1-10-23Australia v PortugalSaint-Entienne
7-10-23Wales v GeorgiaNantes
8-10-23Fiji v PortugalToulouse

Pool D

9-09-23England v ArgentinaMarseille
10-09-23Japan v ChiliToulouse
16-09-23Samoa v ChiliBordeaux
17-09-23England v JapanNice
22-09-23Argentina v SamoaSaint-Entienne
23-09-23England v ChiliLille
28-09-23Japan v SamoaToulouse
30-09-23Argentina v ChiliNantes
7-10-23England v SamoaLille
8-10-2023Japan v ArgentinaNantes

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