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Men’s & Women’s World Rugby Internationals Rankings

World Rugby Rankings

The World Rugby rankings serve as the compass, guiding us to determine which team is best on the global stage. With each match played, rankings shift, and records unfold. Here, we have discussed the Rugby World Rankings and how these are calculated.

World Rugby Rankings 2024

Men’s Rankings
  Women’s Rankings
Team Points Rank Team Points
South Africa 94.54 1 England 96.18
Ireland 90.57 2 New Zealand 90.56
New Zealand 89.80 3 France 87.89
France 87.81 4 Canada 86.27
England 85.46 5 Australia 81.61
Scotland 83.43 6 Wales 76.67
Argentina 80.68 7 Italy 75.61
Wales 80.64 8 Scotland 74.37
Australia 77.48 9 USA 72.02
Fiji 76.38 10 Ireland 71.52
Italy 75.93 11 Japan 69.38
Japan 74.27 12 Spain 64.89
Portugal 72.78 13 South Africa 64.37
Georgia 72.68 14 Russia 61.10
Samoa 72.23 15 Netherlands 60.02
Tonga 71.57 16 Samoa 59.57
Uruguay 67.39 17 Fiji 58.65
USA 66.22 18 Hong Kong 58.31
Spain 64.05 19 Sweden 56.01
Romania 63.28 20 Kazakhstan 55.97

Note: visit the official World Rugby website to explore the latest rankings.

How Do World Rugby Rankings are Calculated?

The Rankings Shuffle

Each team is given a points rating, typically from 0 to 100, with the top-ranked team usually placed between 90 and 100.

Points Exchange System

The main thing of the World Rugby Rankings is the points exchange system. A points change happens when two teams clash on the field. The losing team points tally decreases by the same margin that the victor’s total increases.

Factors at Play

Multiple variables come into play when calculating the points exchange. The ranking of both teams before the match, the venue of the game, and the margin of victory all influence the points changed.

The home-ground advantage is factored in by ‘handicapping’ the home team, giving them an extra three points to level the playing field.

The Magnitude of Victory

Winning with the highest points margin carries importance in this system. When a team wins by a margin exceeding 15 points, the points exchange is boosted by a multiplier of 1.5.

Equal Weight for All

In Rugby World Rankings, all international matches are created equal. Whether it’s a contested Bledisloe Cup or a clash between lesser-known squads like Georgia and Italy, each game contributes equally to a team’s ranking.

The Exception: Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is an exception in the grand tapestry of international rugby. During this prestigious tournament, the points exchange transforms, doubling in magnitude. It’s a testament to the significance and intensity of the World Cup, where triumphs and defeats echo louder and resonate deeper in rugby.

As we delve into the nuances of the World Rugby Rankings, we gain a deeper appreciation for the intricate web of factors that shape the destiny of nations on the rugby field. In each match, the rise and fall of points mirror the relentless pursuit of excellence and the enduring passion that defines international rugby.

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