English Snooker Open Prize Money

Snooker English Open Prize Money

The English Open 2023, officially known as the BetVictor English Open 2023, is a professional snooker event. English Open 2023 will start on 2 October and end on 8 October. The tournament will held at Brentwood Centre in Brentwood, England. The 2023 English Open prize money has been revealed.

Snooker English Open Prize Money

Rank Payout Players
Winners £80k 1
Finalists £35k 1
3rd Place £17.5k 2
4th Place £11k 4
R6 £7.5k 8
R32 £4.5k 16
R64 £3k 32
Highest Break £5k 1
Total Payout £427k

The total £427k prize money has been set for the English Open 2023. The tournament champion will fill their pockets with a nice payout of £80k from the total purse.

The event’s runner-up will take a £35k prize share for his outstanding performances. The third-place winners will grab a nice payout of £17.5k for the player.

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Each player who grabs 4th position will be awarded an £11k prize share. While each player who will win the Round of 16 gets a £7.5k reward.

The players who become the winners in the Round of 32 will each receive a £4.5k prize. Each player who wins the Round of 64 will get a £3k prize share from the total fund. The player with the highest break in the event will get a £5k reward.

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