PSL Prize Money 2024 & How Much Will Teams Get Prize?

PSL Prize Money 2024

The PSL Prize Money 2024 is broken down by the tournament’s champions, runners-up, and players. The total prize pool for the competition has been increased by PCB this year.

The prize money has been increased, which will encourage all players and teams to show their best performances in the games. The main aspect is that the entire event will take place in Pakistan.

Let’s take a look at how to Pakistan Super League prize money will be distributed between the players and teams.

PSL Prize Money 2024

PCB has increased the prize money for the 9th edition as compared to the previous year. In PSL 2023, the total prize money was 112 million PKR to 130 million PKR. But this year PCB has announced the total prize money of PSL 8 is $3.5 million.

In the PSL 2023 season, The winning team received 90 million PKRs, but this year the PSL 2024 winning team will get 110 million PKRs. The PSL runner-up team in 2024 earned PKR 32 million, so this PSL season runner-up team will get 45 million PKRs.

Title in PKR  in USD
Winner 110m $500,000
Runner-Up 45m $200,000
3rd Place 17m $76,000
4th Place 10m $44,000
Man of the Match 0.5m $2,230
Player of the Competition 3m $13,200
Batsman of the Competition 3.5m $15,400
Bowler of the Competition 3.5m $15,400
Fielder of the Tournament 3.5m $15,400
All-Rounder of the Competition 3.5m $15,400
Spirit of the Cricket Award 3.5m $15,400
Emerging Player of the Competition 3.5m $15,400
Umpire of the Competition 3.5m $15,400

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Why is PSL Prize Money Increased?

If we take a look at PSL’s previous editions Prize Money increases every year.

Year Prize Money
2020 $1 million
2021 112 million PKRs
2022 130 million PKRs
2023 $3.5 million

As the Pakistan Super League will be played in Pakistan, PCB hopes that prize money and income will increase. Because of the less backing from smaller sponsors in Pakistan & Dubai.

Hosting a competition abroad entails higher expenses, which leads to lower prize money. We may expect significant increases in PSL revenue the year it moves to Pakistan, which will increase the prize money funds.

How Much Will PSL Winner & Runner-Ups Get Prize?

The champion of the eighth edition of the PSL will get $500,000, or about 11,34,71,600 PKRs, and 4,08,39,200 INRs. The winning prize money is then divided equally among the team members and management.

The prize money for the PSL 8 runner-ups will be $200k, or around 45 million PKRs and 16 million INRs.

How Much Will PSL 3rd & 4th Place Teams Get Prize?

The team that loses in the semifinal game will receive 17 million PKRs. The team that finishes in 4th place in the PSL 9 season will get a total of 10 million PKRs.

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