IPL Umpires Salaries 2023

IPL Umpires Salaries

IPL is one of the most famous cricket leagues in the world. IPL pay the highest salaries to their players and their workers. So the wage system for the umpires is also good.

IPL has increased the wages of the referees as compared to previous years. Let’s look at IPL umpires salaries and how much they earn per match. 

IPL Umpires Salaries 2023

The IPL umpires are split into two different categories:

Elite Umpires

The Elite category umpires are the most expensive in the IPL and get expensive contracts. Their salaries have increased as compared the last year. In 2022 IPL Top-Level Referees’ salary was ₹175k, but this year their salary is ₹198k.

They also get good sponsorship deals that are worth up to $12k. For every game they officiate, Elite Panel umpires receive a daily stipend of ₹12.5k. This amount covers their travel and housing expenses as well. These Elite referees earn about $30k per season.

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Developmental Umpires

The other category of IPL referees is Developmental Umpires. The IPL give a chance to the newbies who want to get experience and want to do umpiring in big matches. They get a $700 salary per match and get a contract.

The Developmental referee’s salaries are also increased compared to the previous year. Last year they got ₹40k salary, but this season they will get a ₹59k salary. They don’t get any daily allocation as elite umpires get. But the elite referees give training and guidelines to them.

Foreign Umpires

The overseas umpires are taking part in the Indian Premier League. The foreign referees get the same salaries as the local umpires in IPL.

Elite Umpires$3k$12k

How Much Do IPL Umpires Get Earn?

Contract Salary:

The contracted salary of the umpires depends on their experience and performance in the matches. The top-level referees earn a $3k salary per match in IPL. In contrast, beginner umpires get the lowest contract salary. They charge a $700 fee per match.


Different companies are offered sponsorships for the umpires, which are helped to increase their salaries. At the end of the tournament, each referee’ will earn ₹733k from the sponsorship deal. That year’s sponsorship deals have a good boost to referees’ salaries compared to last year.

Qualifiers Bonuses:

When the umpires qualify for the eliminator matches, they get extra money. Only the Elite umpires are selected for this, not beginners.

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Highest Paid IPL Umpires 2023

All the Elite category umpires are the highest-paid umpires in IPL. The elite IPL umpire’s salaries are ₹198k per match. 

Anil Chaudhary₹198k₹733k
C. Shamshuddin₹198k₹733k
Christopher Gaffaney₹198k₹733k
Nitin Menon₹198k₹733k
Paul Reiffel₹198k₹733k
Richard Illingworth₹198k₹733k
S. Ravi₹198k₹733k
Ulhas Gandhe₹198k₹733k
Vineet Kulkarni₹198k₹733k
Anil Dandekar₹59k₹733k
K Srinivasan₹59k₹733k
Pashchim Pathak₹59k₹733k
Virender Sharma₹59k₹733k
Yashwant Barde₹59k₹733k
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