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How Much Will FIFA World Cup 2026 Tickets Price?

FIFA World Cup 2026 Tickets

The FIFA World Cup is the biggest of international football competitions, bringing together nations from all around the globe to compete after every four years.

The FIFA World Cup 2026 anticipation is already building up, with fans eagerly awaiting the opportunity to witness the exciting matches and cheer for their favorite teams.

In this article, we will explore the world of FIFA World Cup 2026 tickets, their importance, the ticketing process, ticket prices, and much more.

How Much Will FIFA World Cup 2026 Tickets Cost?

The official ticket prices for the World Cup 2026 have not been released. Tickets for the World Cup 2026 will be pricey. If we look at the 2022 World Cup ticket prices, we hope the ticket prices for the World Cup 2026 will be higher. You will pay around $400 for a ticket because US ticket costs are likely higher.

Different Ticket Types

The FIFA World Cup 2026 ticket prices vary based on seating category, match importance, and tournament stage. Ticket Prices for individual matches will start at a lower range for group-stage matches and increase gradually for knockout-stage encounters. 

Visit the official FIFA website for up-to-date ticket pricing information. FIFA offers various ticket categories to accommodate different preferences and budgets. These ticket prices have been predicted by the 2022 world cup ticket prices. The ticket prices may:

StageCat 1Cat 2Cat 3Cat 4
Opening Match$700$500$380$80
Group Matches$320$200$95$20
Round of 16$375$306$130$50
3rd/4th Place$550$402$306$110
Final Match$1900$1200$900$400

How to Buy Tickets For the 2026 World Cup?

You can buy World Cup 2026 tickets from FIFA’s official ticketing platform. The platform provides a secure environment for fans to browse available tickets, select their preferred matches, and complete the purchase process.

It is crucial to rely only on this official platform to avoid falling victim to fraudulent ticket schemes.

Registration And Purchasing Steps

To purchase FIFA World Cup 2026 tickets, fans must register on the official ticketing platform. Registration typically requires personal details, name, contact information, and identification documents.

Once registered, fans can browse available tickets, select their desired matches, and proceed with the purchase. It is significant to remember that ticket supply will vary on demand and that big game tickets may quickly sell out.

How to Resale World Cup 2026 Tickets?

FIFA provides an official ticket resale platform, allowing fans to resell their tickets securely and transparently. The resale platform ensures that tickets are transferred legitimately and eliminates the risk of counterfeit tickets.

If you cannot attend a match, the official resale platform is the recommended channel to share your tickets with other fans.

While FIFA restricts ticket resale and transfer outside the official platform, it allows limited ticket transfers between family members or close acquaintances in certain circumstances.

Buying Group Ticketing

Purchasing group tickets offers several advantages, including securing tickets, enjoying group discounts, and sharing the World Cup experience with friends, family, or fellow supporters.

The process typically involves designating a group leader to coordinate the ticket purchase, provide the necessary information for each group member, and ensure timely payment. Group ticketing is an excellent option for those wishing to attend the World Cup together.

Group Ticket Requirements

FIFA imposes specific requirements and guidelines for group ticketing. These may include a minimum number of tickets to qualify as a group, designated seating areas, and specific group registration and payment deadlines.

Accessibility and Special Needs

FIFA World Cup 2026 stadiums provide accessible seating options and facilities for individuals with disabilities.

These accommodations include wheelchair-accessible seating, designated companion seats, accessible restrooms, and other amenities to enhance the comfort and convenience of fans with disabilities.

To request accessible seating for the FIFA World Cup 2026, fans must follow the procedures outlined by FIFA. This typically involves submitting a request through the official ticketing platform, providing relevant documentation to support the request, and adhering to any deadlines specified by FIFA.


Can I Buy 2026 World Cup Tickets Right Now?

No. You can’t buy tickets for the FIFA World Cup 2026 right now. FIFA will announce the tickets at the last of 2025 or the start of 2026.

When Will 2026 World Cup Tickets Go on Sale?

At the time, the tickets for the 2026 World Cup are not on sale. Tickets are anticipated to go on sale in 2025 or 2026.

When Will World Cup 2026 Tickets Be Released?

Nowadays, there are no details about when FIFA World Cup 2026 tickets will be released. We expect that the tickets will be available at the start of 2026. But FIFA has stated that information would be released soon.

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