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FIFA World Cup Winners List From 1930 to 2022

FIFA World Cup Winners List

On November 14, 32 teams worldwide will go down to Qatar to play FIFA World Cup 2022. It is the 22nd edition of the world’s leading sports events, and many soccer teams are competing for the 2022 title, including Spain, Brazil, France, Germany, Argentina, etc.

We tell you who won each of the first FIFA World Cup, which came from the inaugural tournament in 1930.

The FIFA World Cup is the most famous and prestigious competition in the whole world. Played every four years, the World Cup hosts the top 32 national teams in the tournament for a month.

The FIFA Council elected Qatar as a host country. The complete list of FIFA world cup winners is below.

FIFA World Cup Winners List From 1930 to 2022

Year Winner Runner up Total Teams Final Score Host
1930 Uruguay Argentina 13 4-2 Uruguay
1934 Italy Czechoslovakia 16 2-1 Italy
1938 Italy Hungary 15 4-2 France
1950 Uruguay Brazil 13 2-1 Brazil
1954 West Germany Hungary 16 3-2 Switzerland
1958 Brazil Sweden 16 4-2 Sweden
1962 Brazil Czechoslovakia 16 3-1 Chile
1966 England West Germany 16 4-2 England
1970 Brazil Italy 16 4-1 Mexico
1974 West Germany Netherlands 16 2-1 West Germany
1978 Argentina Netherlands 16 3-1 Argentina
1982 Italy West Germany 24 3-1 Spain
1986 Argentina West Germany 24 3-2 Mexico
1990 West Germany Argentina 24 1-0 Italy
1994 Brazil Italy 24 0-0 (3-2) USA
1998 France Brazil 32 3-0 France
2002 Brazil Germany 32 2-0 South Korea/Japan
2006 Italy France 32 1-1 (5-3) Germany
2010 Spain Netherlands 32 1-0 South Africa
2014 Germany Argentina 32 1-0 Brazil
2018 France Croatia 32 4-2 Russia
2022 Argentina France 32 3-3 (4-2) Qatar

1930 World Cup Winner

In 1930, Uruguay won the first World Cup. Raul Jude, the president of the Uruguayan Football Association, received the trophy from Rimet, which was eventually renamed the Jules Rimet Trophy in his honor. Uruguay made July 31 a national holiday in remembrance of the significant victory.

1930 World Cup Winner

1934 World Cup Winner

Italy and Czechoslovakia battle it out in the championship match. Czechoslovakia grabbed the lead in the second quarter, but Italy tied the game, forcing added time to decide the result.

Italy’s Angelo Schiavio scored after five minutes of extra time, and the final score was 2-1. The title of second-place World Cup champion would go to Italy.

1938World Cup Winner

The first of the two countries that win the World Cup in a row, Italy reached achievements with a 4-2 victory over Hungary. Italian manager at the time, Vittorio Pozzo, remained the only manager who won several World Cups.

1950 World Cup Winner

Alcides Ghiggia scored a last-second goal by Moacyr Barbosa to give Uruguay a 2-1 lead with just over 11 minutes remaining, and they went on to win the World Cup for a 2nd. Brazil was shocked by this shocking loss, known as the Maracanazo.

1954 FIFA World Cup Winner

The stunning 3-2 victory by West Germany against Hungary in the FIFA World Cup 1954 was called the “Miracle of Berne,” but it was tainted by charges of poor officiating and cheating.

1958 World Cup Winner

Long is considered the greatest player in the game; Pele made a World Cup debut during the 1958 tournament at the age of 17 years. He scored help during his first appearance, recorded Hattrick in the Brazilian semifinal victory, and scored two goals in the final.

World Cup Winner 1962

In the 1962 World Cup, Brazil beat Czechoslovakia 3-1 in the tournament final match and add his name to the FIFA world cup winners list. 

1966 World Cup Winner

This year, England took the title. It also was the first year since 1934 that the host country defended its original territory and won the World Cup.

1970 World Cup Winner

Brazil won the 1970 World Cup by beating Italy 4-1 in the world cup final match.

1974 World Cup Winner

West Germany won the tournament by defeating the Netherlands 2-1 in the championship match in Munich’s Olympiastadion. West Germany had previously triumphed in 1954, making this their second victory.

1978 FIFA World Cup Winners

Argentina won the 1978 FIFA World Cup by defeating Netherlands 3-1 in the championship match.

1982 World Cup Winner

The first tournament to include 24 countries was between 13 and 16 teams 1982 also brought penalties to the World Cup stage. The final format of the game appears in a semifinal battle, where West Germany cuts France 5-4 to move forward.

Italy built a 3-0 advantage in the FIFA final and won a 3-1 victory over West Germany. It was the Third World Cup of Italy and the first since 1938.

1986 FIFA World Cup Winner

Diego Maradona scored legendary goals during the 1986 tournament, which occurred in the match. In addition to God’s hands, Maradona scored this century’s goal during the Argentine quarter-finals against England.

The captain scored both goals in the 2-0 semifinal victory over Belgium, and Argentina killed the second World Cup victory with the edge over West Germany 3-2.

FIFA World Cup Winner 1990

After taking Group D with two wins and draws, West Germany made it enjoyable throughout the knockout stage. The team opened the tournament’s elimination with a 2-1 and 1-0 victory over the Netherlands and Czechoslovakia.

West Germany needed a shootout to overcome England in the semifinals, and a Penalty by Andreas Brehme in the 85th minute allowed Germany to beat Argentina in the final.

1994 World Cup Winner

Entering the 1994 tournament, it had been 24 years since the proud Brazilian soccer country reached the World Cup final. Romario and Bebeto helped take the line in the United States.

This duo contributed 8 goals, four of which occurred during the knockout stage. Brazil needs punishment to overcome Italy in the Final 0-0, but Romario is among the three standard players.

1998 World Cup Winner

Brazil returned to the FIFA final in 1998, but the great French team prevented the first 32-Tim back-to-back championship. The host advanced through the group stage with differential goals plus eight before a few tough battles.

There was an additional 1-0 win over Paraguay, the penalty against Italy in the quarter-finals, and a 2-1 success against Croatia in the semifinals. The final had fewer nervous moments because Zinedine Zidane scored two goals in a 3-0 win against Brazil.

2002 World Cup Winner

Four years later, Brazil will not be rejected. Ronaldo’s three-headed monsters, Ronaldinho and Rivaldo, made the country the winner of the fifth World Cup.

2002 World Cup Winner

2006 World Cup Winner

Famous for Zinedine Zidane’s head-porting incident, the 2006 final features the second shootout in World Cup definitive history. Italy gets a 5-3 advantage in a penalty for French down and lifting the trophy.

2010 World Cup Winner

Referee Howard Webb issued a card 14 times. The Netherlands lost Johnny Heita because of the second yellow card in extra time, and only seven minutes later, the defensive error in Clearance handed over the Spain trophy.

2014 FIFA World Cup Winners

It seems that 24 years is the duration of a magical time to break the drought. Brazil (1994) and Italy (2006) both took a range of titles after that, and Germany reclaimed its position in the world of football after 24 years in 2014.

2014 FIFA World Cup Winners

FIFA World Cup 2018 Winner

In what will go down as one of the most exciting World Cup finals ever, France defeated Croatia 4-2 to win the title for the second time in history and the first time since they served as hosts in 1998.

2018 FIFA World Cup Winners

FIFA World Cup 2022 Winner

After the match finished in a tie at 3-3 after normal time and additional time, Argentina won the World Cup 2022 by beating France in the penalty shooting with a score of 4-2.

FIFA World Cup Winners

Most-Time FIFA World Cup Winners

Team No. of Win
Brazil 5
Germany 4
Italy 4
Argentina 3
Uruguay 2
France 1
Spain 1
England 1


Is Any Team Who Has Four Medals in the Fifa World Cup?

Germany and Italy have won World Cup 4 times.

Which Teams Have Won the World Cup the Most?

9 teams won the World Cup from 1930 to 2018.

When Was the First World Cup Held?

Uruguay won the initial FIFA World Cup, which took place in the year 1930.

Who Won the Last World Cup?

The recent World Cup won by France in 2018 was hosted in Russia.

Who Won the World Cup 2022?

Argentina won the world cup 2022 after drafting France in the final match by 4-2.

Who Has Won the Most World Cups?

Brazil. Five times, the South American team won the FIFA World Cup.

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