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2022 FIFA World Cup Rules And Regulations

FIFA World Cup Rules And Regulations

The FIFA world cup rules are divided into three different categories. According to these, the game is played. The laws applied in the world cup are created by the Football International Association Board (IFAB). Group stage, Match intervals, and Knockout Stages are the three types of rules.

Types of FIFA World Cup Rules

Match Inverted

The whole game is played for up to 90 minutes; each half lasts 45 minutes. There will be a halftime break for 15 minutes after 45 minutes of play. Due to the running clock used in soccer, the game stops when the ball goes out of bounds or for any other reason.

As a result, the referee adds a period to the end of each half after counting down the time that has passed during a free kick. Moreover, as suggested by FIFA Medical, the referee may take additional rests during a game when it is inclement weather.

Group Stage

In FIFA world cup 2022, 32 teams are playing, divided into eight groups; they will play each other in the group phase. Each group contains four sections and is allocated a specific name. Then, FIFA rankings conduct a draw that decides these groupings so that each group’s opponent is fair.
The top two teams from every group with the most points qualify for the elimination rounds. Three points are given for a victory, 1 for a tie, and 0 for a loss. In addition, a set of standards can be applied to determine who wins if two or more teams in the group stage are equal on points.
The first is the goal gap scored between teams during the group stage, while the second is the most scored goals. Many more criteria may be applied if they don’t break the tie.

Knockout Stages

The champion and runner-up from each group then participate in the knockout rounds, where losing means eliminating you from the event.

The round of 16 is the first stage; the quarterfinals are the second; the semifinals are the third; and the final is the fourth. The teams who lose in the semifinals will play a playoff game to determine who will finish third.

Below is the Round-16 Schedule

Match Result
Winner A vs. Runner-up B Winner 1
Winner B vs. Runner-up A Winner 2
Winner C vs. Runner-up D Winner 3
Winner D vs. Runner-up C Winner 4
Winner E vs. Runner-up F  Winner 5
Winner F vs. Runner-up E  Winner 6
Winner G vs. Runner-up H  Winner 7
Winner H vs. Runner-up G  Winner 8

Below is the Quarter Final Schedule

Match Name  Match Name Competing Team
Quarter Final Game 1  A Winner 1 vs. Winner 3
Second quarterfinal game B Winner 5 vs. Winner 7
Third quarterfinal game C Winner 2 vs. Winner 4
Fourth quarterfinal game D Winner 6 vs. Winner 8

Below is the Semi-final Schedule

Match Name  Competing Team
Semifinal Game 1 Winner A vs. Winner B
Semifinal Game 2 Winner C vs. Winner D

Moreover, extra time will be used in the quarterfinals if the score is tied after the allotted 90 minutes. Therefore, after the 90 minutes of play, there will be a five-minute break and a one-minute pause after the first 15 minutes of this extra time.

After extra time, if the score is still tied, both sides will take penalty kicks. Each side sends out five players to try to score a penalty shot during penalty kicks. After each side has taken five pictures, the winning team is determined by how many goals they have achieved.

The first team to successfully execute a penalty shot while the opposing team misses will be deemed the winner if the score is deadlocked after five attempts. The World Cup is won by the team that completes all of the knockout round stages.

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