FIVB Men’s And Women’s Volleyball Nations League Prize Money

Volleyball Nations League Prize Money

FIVB Volleyball Nations League is an annually held senior Men’s and Women’s Volleyball tournament. The tournament was first time held in 2018. The 2023 VNL will play from 30 May to 23 July 2023. France won the previous tournament.

With its gender equality policy, the FIVB has revolutionized the prize money distribution in the Volleyball Nations League. Let’s take a look at this:

FIVB Volleyball Nations League Prize Money

The FIVB’s gender equality policy ensures equal payout will be split among the men’s and women’s VNL. Dividing equal payout in the event marks a significant step in promoting fairness and inclusivity.

In the preliminary round, each victorious Men team is rewarded $9k per win for outstanding performance. While the losing teams in the initial round receive a good amount of $4k.

As the competition reaches its peak, the excitement of competition rises exponentially. The total prize fund will be divided among the top 8 teams. The tournament champions will take the prize of $1 million home.

The runners-up will secure a significant amount of $500k, while the team taking the 3rd place will be honored with a fantastic prize of $300k. The team that gets 4th place in the table will receive an excellent pay of $180k.

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The players selected for the tournament’s Dream Team will get a $10k reward. The Most Valuable Player will not only receive the adoration of fans but also be granted with $30k prize share.

Rank Position  Payout
1 Champions $1 million
2 Runner-ups $500k
3 Semi-finalist $300k
4 Quarterfinalist $180k
5 5th place $130k
6 6th place $85k
7 7th place $65K
8 8th place $40k


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