Boxing Referees’ Salaries 2023 | How Much Do Boxing Referees Earn?

Boxing Referees' Salaries

The hardest role to have is the referee, he has to decide based on good observations to bring the game to a fair conclusion. They are the most crucial part of the game because of this.

A bad choice could affect the outcome of the game and the referee’s reputation. Here, we have discussed the boxing ref’s salary details and how much they earn.

Boxing Referees Salaries 2023

TypesPer MatchFor Big EventYearly Salary
Beginners$350 to $500
Females$600 t0 $800$12k to $25k
Professionals$1.9k to $5$10k to$25k$350 to $500k

Beginners Boxing Refs Make

Those men and women who want to start their boxing refereeing debut, don’t get any contract or fixed salary. Most of the time beginners’ refs make from $350 to $500 per match or fight.

They do not get any chance of officiating in high-profile fights. They start their career with low salaries. But after getting 1 to 2 years of experience and giving excellent performances, They receive good contracts.

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Women’s Boxing Refs Make

Boxing fights also have female officiating, increasing their importance in female matches. Their salaries are increases in the past few years. Because of the gender gap, she earns less salary than men.

The female referees average earn from $600 to $800 per fight and yearly earn $12k to $25k. If take a look at the 2021 women’s refs salary she makes $1500 per fight. 

Professionals Boxing Refs Make

Professional boxing referees earn the highest salary because they have years of experience. They also get big contracts, sponsorship deals, and TV share revenue, which help to boost their earnings.

Professional boxing referees earn between  $1.9k to $5k per fight. The pro boxing refs earn from 10k to 25k money in high-profile matches. If we talk about the yearly salary they earn from $350k to $500k.

Moreover, the per-match salary earns up to $25,000 if a professional ref joins in a main PPV fight. This amount includes PPV share, TV loop market value and streaming shares, sponsorship, earnings from product sales, and travel expenses.

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Highest Paid Boxing Referees

Kenny Bayless is the highest-paid boxing referee who earns $2,500 per fight and per year earns a $500k salary. Michael Alexander, Jack Reiss, Daniel Van de Wiele, and Stanley Christodoulou also earn $500k per year.

PlayerYearly SalaryMain Event Per Fight
Kenny Bayless$500k$25k$2,500
Michael Alexander$500k$25k$2,500
Jack Reiss$500k$25k$2,500
Daniel Van de Wiele$500k$25k$2,500
Stanley Christodoulou$500k$25k$2,500
Russell Mora$500k$25k$2,500
Jay Nady$150k$10k$1,900
Paul Rosendale$150k$10k$1,900
Geoff Cannell$150k$10k$1,900
Rodolfo Aguilar$60k$7.5k$1,500

US Boxing Referees Salaries

As we know boxing is the most viewed in Las Vegas, so the biggest world boxing tournaments are held in the United State. The boxing refs salary depends upon how big the tournament is if the tournament is big so the wages of the referees will be high.

According to Comparably, the boxing referees salaries in the US are from $10k to $243k, and their average wage of $43.8k.

British & European Boxing Referees Salaries

The choice of a ref shouldn’t affect the boxing Odds for a specific match, but there are slight differences in how officials are chosen in Britain and other parts of Europe.

While referee match fees are fixed by the World Boxing Union, and depend on the event payout. Referees earn £507 for each match if the prize money is less than £42k. Referees can get £2 salary for officiating a match if the prize pool is £850k.

Again, we mention that the salary of the refs depends on whether a match is a national, world event, or regional, although the WBU has relatively constant match fees.

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Do Amateur Boxing Refs Get Paid?

Amateur boxing referees are not earned a good amount as others refs earn. The Amateur boxing refs are paid from $100 to $250 per fight. They also get money for their expenses at the tournament.

How Much Do Boxing Refs Make Per Fight?

The entry-level boxing ref earns $350 per fight and the women’s ref earns $600 per fight. The professional boxing ref earns $1500 per fight.

How Much Do Boxing Referees Make A Year?

Professional boxing refs make from $350k to $500k per year. In contrast, Women’s boxing referees earn from $12k to $25k annually.

How Much Does Boxing Referee Average Earn?

The average salary of the boxing referee is $47k per year. Boxing referees’ wages per year are from $10k to $243k.

How Much Do Professional Boxing Refs Make?

Professional boxing referees make from $350k to $500k per year and earn from $1.9k to $5k to per fight.

How Much Do Olympic Boxing Referees Make?

In the Olympic games, the boxing referees earn up to $250 to $1k per match. The expense of their luggage and traveling is bear by the event organizers.

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