UFC Referees Salaries 2024 | How Much Do UFC Refs Make Per Fight?

UFC Referees' Salaries

A referee is a vital part of a UFC or MMA fight. Referees are not hired by promotions like the UFC. Instead, the referees for these promotions are supplied by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC).

Only a select few highly experienced officiates are permitted to referee in the UFC. The list of UFC referees who are still working, along with their yearly contracts and match fees, is shown below:

UFC Referees’ Salaries 2024

According to the NSAC criteria, a ref has a variety of duties during the game. He decides how and when to begin or quit the fight, informs both boxers of the laws, judges unintentional and intentional fouls, and decides if a fighter can still participate in the battle.

Referees’ match & PPV pay are based on their level of experience & ability. The number of fights a referee officiates determines how much money they make annually in UFC.

Refs Type Per Fight Salary PPV Salary Yearly Earnings
Beginners $250 to $650 N/A $15k to $30k
Females $1k $2k to $3.5k $30k to $60k
Professionals $1k to $2.5k $5k to $15k $250k to $550k

Beginners Refs Salary

The UFC does not readily offer contracts to beginners referees. In their opening games, they must prove their best skills. They get offers once they have gained experience. Before entering the preliminary or main card fights, they typically ref initial Preliminary matches.

Most time beginners level refs salaries depend on the contract and estimated they earn from $250 to $650 per match. Most time beginner refs’ salaries depend on the contract and estimated they earn from $250 to $650 per match. Their yearly earnings are from $15k to $30k. The salary structure for female officials at the beginners is equal to that for male officials.

Females Refs Salary

Women’s refs get an average salary of $1k per match. The wage of pay-per-view salary is from $2000 to $3500. The female UFC referees’ yearly salaries are $30k to $60k.

Professional Refs Salary

These are the ones with years of mixed martial arts expertise and good knowledge of rules & regulations. A 3-5 year contract is offered by a fighting promotion to referees chosen for more than 20 to 40 fights.

They receive a payment of $1k to 2.5k per fight match. They can earn $5k to $15k for every pay-per-view event when they participate in high-profile fights. Their yearly wages are from $250k to $550k.

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Highest Paid UFC Referees’

These are the highest-paid and currently active referees in the UFC.

Herb Dean is the highest-paid UFC referee who gets a fixed payout of $500k. He gets paid a $2,500 per match fee. Dean usually referees Main Card fights. He receives the highest $15k price for these battles.

Match Officials Base Salary PPV Money Contract Year
Herb Dean $500k $25k 2023
Jason Herzog $100k N/A 2023
Marc Goddard $350k $25k 2023
Mark Smith $275k $15k 2023
Chris Tognoni $100k N/A 2023
Dan Miragliotta $350k $25k 2023
Keith Peterson $150k N/A 2023

How Much Do UFC Referees Make?

The entry-level UFC referees’ salaries are from $15k to $30k. The female refs’ salaries are from $30k to $60k per year. The professional UFC officiates wages are $250k to $550k per year.

How Much Do UFC Judges Make?

According to the California State Athletic Commission, If the net gate is less than $50k, UFC judges earn $300 per fight. The judges receive $350 for each match if the net gate is between $50k to $100k. And they will earn $550 for each match if the net gate is over $100k.

According to the NSAC (Nevada State Athletic Commission), judges are given a non-fixed payment for taking part in the competition; the amount is determined by the occasion and other external factors.

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