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Tazuni is the FIFA Women’s World Cup Mascot 2023

FIFA Women's World Cup Mascot 2023

This is the first time that FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 will be hosted by two different countries. New Zealand and Australia will co-host the women’s world cup 2023 tournament. Here, we have discussed the FIFA Women’s world cup mascot 2023 details.

FIFA has introduced a new mascot for the upcoming FIFA Women’s World Cup. This mascot represents both hosted countries.

FIFA Women’s World Cup Mascot 2023

A playful, football-loving penguin named Tazuni has been announced as the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Official Mascot, expressing the character of an occasion that will go Above GreatnessTM.

The young penguin who enjoys football will spread tournament excitement and motivate a new group of supporters.

Before the event, Tazuni will participate in preparation activities and appear on media outlets and tournament goods.

Tazuni, based on the “Eudyptula minor” species unique to Aotearoa New Zealand, and Australia, is the ideal embodiment of the host nation and will help in introducing a new generation of fans to the excitement of the eagerly awaited competition.

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What is Tazuni?

Tazuni is a penguin who is related to the unusual New Zealand race of the Eudyptula minor. This penguin is deeply connected to the New Zealand & Australian race of Eudyptula novaehollandiae.

According to FIFA, Tazuni is a 15-year-old midfielder, one day she was playing soccer on the beach, and her passion for this increased.

When she looks up one evening and sees fireworks displays burst overhead originating from a neighboring stadium, her footballing goals become a reality.

She enters the stadium with the assurance to display her skills after the beach kids give her customized football gear.

Tazuni is the mixture of the word “unity” and the “Tasman Sea” which separate the New Zealand & Australian seawater. Tazuni is street-smart and self-assured, and her distinctive blue tuft of hair makes her stand out from the crowd.

FIFA Secretary General Fatma Samoura stated, “Tazuni speaks for everything that makes the Women’s World Cup distinctive, and her message will impact millions of young fans across the world.

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Why did New Zealand & Australia Choose Tazuni?

FIFA was chosen two different mascots for the Women’s World Cup 2023, as Australia and New Zealand will co-host the event, so FIFA thinks the Tazuni will best express both nations.

FIFA thinks that Tazuni’s skills and her age will represent an example for the next generation of Women’s football players around the world.

Tazuni is the excellent mascot for this tournament, representing everything decent about the largest women’s football competition and host countries that are eager to welcome the fans, according to Sarai Bareman, FIFA’s Chief Women’s Football Officer.

“Like millions of youngsters worldwide, football is how Tazuni expresses herself, and the 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup will deliver motivation for an upcoming generation of soccer lovers and players from all over the world.”

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