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FIFA Women’s World Cup Schedule 2023 Match Dates, Times, & Team Fixtures

FIFA Women's World Cup Schedule 2023

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is getting ready to travel to Australia and New Zealand for the inaugural time, and the schedule for the 2023 Women’s World Cup has been announced.

With 32 nations participating throughout 64 games, this will be the 9th Women’s Soccer World Cup in history, making it the biggest yet.

The competition will begin on July 20, 2023, in Auckland and end on August 20, 2023, in Sydney.

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Group Draw

The Women’s World Cup in 2023 will feature 32 teams for the first time, up from 24 in 2019. Eight groups of 4 teams have been created for the group-stage matches: 4 in New Zealand and 4 in Australia. 

Groups Teams
Group A New Zealand, Norway, Switzerland, Philippines
Group B Australia, Ireland, Canada, Nigeria
Group C Spain, Costa Rica, Japan, Zambia
Group D England, Haiti, China PR, Denmark
Group E United States, Vietnam, Netherlands, Portugal
Group F France, Jamaica, Brazil, Panama
Group G Sweden, South Africa, Italy, Argentina
Group H Germany, Morocco, Colombia, South Korea

FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 Tournament Format

With 64 games played across Australia and New Zealand as an outcome of the expansion, more games will be played than ever this season.

The top two teams advance to the Round of 16 from each group of four. After the group stage, every game will have a knockout format. Ten locations in Australia and New Zealand will host the games.

Group Stage July 20-August 3
Round of 16 August 5-8
Quarterfinals August 11-12
Semifinals August 15-16
3rd-Place playoff August 19
Final August 20

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Women’s World Cup 2023 Kickoff Times

Canada (EDT) UK (BST) USA (EDT)
-13.5 hrs – 8.5 hrs -13.5 hrs
-16 hrs -11 hrs -16 hrs
-14 hrs -9 hrs -14 hrs
-16 hrs -11 hrs -16 hrs
-16 hrs -11 hrs -16 hrs
-14 hrs -9 hrs -14 hrs
-12 hrs -7 hrs -12 hrs
-14 hrs -9 hrs -14 hrs
-16 hrs -11 hrs -16 hrs

The complete schedule for the 2023 Women’s World Cup is provided below:

FIFA Women’s World Cup Schedule 2023

Date Matches Time Stadium
20-Jul New Zealand vs. Norway 19:00 Eden Park
20-Jul Australia vs. Ireland 20:00 Sydney Football Stadium
21-Jul Philippines vs. Switzerland 17:00 Dunedin Stadium
21-Jul Nigeria vs. Canada 12:30 Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
21-Jul Spain vs. Costa Rica 19:30 Wellington Regional Stadium
22-Jul Zambia vs. Japan 19:00 Waikato Stadium
22-Jul England vs. Haiti 19:30 Brisbane Stadium
22-Jul Denmark vs. China PR 20:00 Perth Rectangular Stadium
22-Jul USA vs. Vietnam 13:00 Eden Park
23-Jul Netherlands vs. Portugal 19:30 Dunedin Stadium
23-Jul France vs. Jamaica 20:00 Sydney Football Stadium
23-Jul Sweden vs. South Africa 17:00 Wellington Regional Stadium
24-Jul Brazil vs. Panama 20:30 Hindmarsh Stadium
24-Jul Italy vs. Argentina 18:00 Eden Park
24-Jul Germany vs. Morocco 18:30 Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
25-Jul Colombia vs. Korea Republic 12:00 Sydney Football Stadium
25-Jul New Zealand vs.Philippines 17:30 Wellington Regional Stadium
25-Jul Switzerland vs. Norway 20:00 Waikato Stadium
26-Jul Canada vs. Ireland 20:00 Perth Rectangular Stadium
26-Jul Spain vs. Zambia 19:30 Eden Park
26-Jul Japan vs. Costa Rica 17:00 Dunedin Stadium
27-Jul Australia vs. Nigeria 20:00 Brisbane Stadium
27-Jul USA vs. Netherlands 13:00 Wellington Regional Stadium
27-Jul Portugal vs. Vietnam 19:30 Waikato Stadium
28-Jul England vs. Denmark 18:30 Sydney Football Stadium
28-Jul China PR vs. Haiti 20:30 Hindmarsh Stadium
28-Jul Argentina vs. South Africa 12:00 Dunedin Stadium
29-Jul France vs. Brazil 20:00 Brisbane Stadium
29-Jul Panama vs. Jamaica 20:30 Perth Rectangular Stadium
29-Jul Sweden vs. Italy 19:30 Wellington Regional Stadium
30-Jul Germany vs. Colombia 19:30 Sydney Football Stadium
30-Jul Korea Republic vs. Morocco 14:00 Hindmarsh Stadium
30-Jul Switzerland vs. New Zealand 19:00 Dunedin Stadium
30-Jul Norway vs. Philippines 19:00 Eden Park
31-Jul Canada vs. Australia 20:00 Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
31-Jul The Republic of Ireland vs. Nigeria 20:00 Brisbane Stadium
31-Jul Japan vs. Spain 19:00 Wellington Regional Stadium
31-Jul Costa Rica vs. Zambia 19:00 Waikato Stadium
1-Aug China PR vs. England 20:30 Hindmarsh Stadium
1-Aug Haiti vs. Denmark 19:00 Perth Rectangular Stadium
1-Aug Portugal vs. USA 19:00 Eden Park
1-Aug Vietnam vs. Netherlands 19:00 Dunedin Stadium
2-Aug Panama vs. France 20:00 Sydney Football Stadium
2-Aug Jamaica vs. Brazil 20:00 Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
2-Aug Argentina vs. Sweden 19:00 Waikato Stadium
2-Aug South Africa vs. Italy 19:00 Wellington Regional Stadium
3-Aug Korea Republic vs. Germany 20:00 Brisbane Stadium
3-Aug Morocco vs. Colombia 18:00 Perth Rectangular Stadium

2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Knockout Stage

Date Match Time Stadium
5-Aug Switzerland vs Spain 1:00 Eden Park
5-Aug Japan vs Norway 4:00 Wellington Regional Stadium
6-Aug Netherlands vs South Africa 11:00 Sydney Football Stadium
6-Aug Sweden vs USA 5:00 Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
7-Aug Australia vs Denmark 6:30 Stadium Australia
7-Aug England vs Nigeria 3:30 Brisbane Stadium
8-Aug France vs Morocco 7:00 Hindmarsh Stadium
8-Aug Colombia vs Jamaica 4:00 Melbourne Rectangular Stadium
11-Aug QF1: 1A/2C vs. 1E/2G 21:00 Wellington Regional Stadium
11-Aug QF2: 1C/2A vs. 1G/2E 3:30 Eden Park
12-Aug QF3: 1B/2D vs. 1F/2H 3:00 Brisbane Stadium
12-Aug QF4: 1D/2B vs. 1H/2F 6:30 Stadium Australia
15-Aug QF1 vs. QF2 4:00 Eden Park
16-Aug QF3 vs. QF4 6:00 Stadium Australia
3rd Place
19-Aug Semifinal losers 4:00 Brisbane Stadium
20-Aug Semifinal winners 6:00 Stadium Australia
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