The Open Championship Winners List

The Open Championship Winners List

One of the four big tournaments for men’s professional golf is Open Championship or the British Open. The competition, which is organized by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews, is contested on a new links-style golf club every year.

The Open Championship was first won at Prestwick Golf Club in 1860 by Willie Park Sr. Below is the list of Open Championship winners from 1860 to 2022.

The Open Championship Winners List

YearChampionRunner-UpsScoreCountryPrize Money
2022Cameron SmithCameron Young268 (−20)AUS$2,500,000
2021Collin MorikawaJordan Spieth265 (−15)USA$2,070,000
2020Not Held
2019Shane LowryTommy Fleetwood269 (−15)IRE$1,935,000
2018Francesco MolinariKevin Kisner276 (−8)Italy$1,890,000
2017Jordan SpiethMatt Kuchar268 (−12)USA$1,845,000
2016Henrik StensonPhil Mickelson264 (−20)Sweden£ 1,175,000
2015Zach JohnsonMarc Leishman273 (−15) playoffUSA£ 1,150,000
2014Rory McIlroyRickie Fowler271 (–17)UK / NIR£975 000
2013Phil MickelsonHenrik Stenson281 (-3)USA£ 945 000
2012Ernie ElsAdam Scott273 (-7)SA£ 900 000
2011Darren ClarkeDustin Johnson275 (-5)UK / NIR£ 900 000
2010Louis OosthuizenLee Westwood272 (-16)SA£ 850 000
2009Stewart CinkTom Watson278 (-2) playoffUSA£ 750 000
2008Pádraig HarringtonIan Poulter283 (+3)IRE£ 750 000
2007Pádraig HarringtonSergio Garcia277 (-7) playoffIRE£ 750 000
2006Tiger WoodsChris DiMarco270 (-18)USA£ 720 000
2005Tiger WoodsColin Montgomerie274 (-14)USA£ 720 000
2004Todd HamiltonErnie Els274 (-10) playoffUSA£ 720 000
2003Ben CurtisThomas Bjørn283 (-1)USA£ 700 000
2002Ernie ElsStuart Appleby278 (-6) playoffSA£ 700 000
2001David DuvalNiclas Fasth274 (-10)USA£ 600 000
2000Tiger WoodsThomas Bjørn269 (-19)USA£ 500 000
1999Paul LawrieJustin Leonard290 (+6) playoffSCT£ 350 000
1998Mark O’MearaBrian Watts280 (E) playoffUSA£ 300 000
1997Justin LeonardDarren Clarke272 (-12)USA£ 250 000
1996Tom LehmanErnie Els271 (-13)USA£ 200 000
1995John DalyCostantino Rocca282 (-6) playoffUSA£ 125 000
1994Nick PriceJesper Parnevik268 (-12)Zimbabwe£ 110 000
1993Greg NormanNick Faldo267 (-13)AUS£ 100 000
1992Nick FaldoJohn Cook272 (-12)ENG£ 95 000
1991Ian Baker-FinchMike Harwood272 (-8)AUS£ 90 000
1990Nick FaldoMark McNulty270 (-18)ENG£ 85 000
1989Mark CalcavecchiaWayne Grady275 (-13) playoffUSA£ 80 000
1988Seve BallesterosNick Price273 (-11)Spain£ 80 000
1987Nick FaldoPaul Azinger279 (-5)ENG£ 75 000
1986Greg NormanGordon Brand280 (E)AUS£ 70 000
1985Sandy LylePayne Stewart282 (+2)SCT£ 65 000
1984Seve BallesterosBernhard Langer276 (-12)Spain£ 55 000
1983Tom WatsonAndy Bean275 (-9)USA£ 40 000
1982Tom WatsonPeter Oosterhuis284 (-4)USA£ 32 000
1981Bill RogersBernhard Langer276 (-4)USA£ 25 000
1980Tom WatsonLee Trevino271 (-13)USA£ 25 000
1979Seve BallesterosBen Crenshaw283 (-1)Spain£ 15 000
1978Jack NicklausBen Crenshaw281 (-7)USA£ 12 500
1977Tom WatsonJack Nicklaus268 (-12)USA£ 10 000
1976Johnny MillerSeve Ballesteros279 (-9)USA£ 7 500
1975Tom WatsonJack Newton279 (-5) playoffUSA£ 7 500
1974Gary PlayerPeter Oosterhuis282 (-2)SA£ 5 500
1973Tom WeiskopfNeil Coles276 (-12)USA£ 5 500
1972Lee TrevinoJack Nicklaus278 (-6)USA£ 5 500
1971Lee TrevinoLu-Liang Huan278 (-10)USA£ 5 500
1970Jack NicklausDoug Sanders283 (-5) playoffUSA£ 5 250
1969Tony JacklinBob Charles280 (-4)ENG£ 4 250
1968Gary PlayerBob Charles289 (+1)SA£ 3 000
1967Roberto DeVicenzoJack Nicklaus278 (-10)Argentina£ 2 100
1966Jack NicklausDoug Sanders282 (+2)USA£ 2 100
1965Peter ThomsonBrian Huggett285 (-3)AUS£ 1 750
1964Tony LemaJack Nicklaus279 (-9)USA£ 1 500
1963Bob CharlesPhil Rodgers277 (-7) playoffNZ£ 1 500
1962Arnold PalmerKel Nagle276 (-12)USA£ 1 400
1961Arnold PalmerDai Rees284 (-4)USA£ 1 400
1960Kel NagleArnold Palmer278 (-10)AUS£ 1 250
1959Gary PlayerFred Bullock284 (E)SA£ 1 000
1958Peter ThomsonDave Thomas274 (-10) playoffAUS£ 1 000
1957Bobby LockePeter Thomson279 (-9)SA£ 1 000
1956Peter ThomsonFlory Van Donck286 (-2)AUS£ 1 000
1955Peter ThomsonJohn Fallon281 (-7)AUS£ 1 000
1954Peter ThomsonBobby Locke283 (-5)AUS£750
1953Ben HoganAntonio Cerda282 (-6)USA£500
1952Bobby LockePeter Thomson287 (-1)SA£300
1951Max FaulknerAntonio Cerda285 (-3)ENG£300
1950Bobby LockeRoberto De Vicenzo279 (-9)SA£300
1949Bobby LockeHarry Bradshaw283 (-5)SA£300
1948Henry CottonFred Daly288 (E)ENG£150
1947Fred DalyReggie Horne293 (+5)NIR£150
1946Sam SneadJohnny Bulla290 (+2)USA£150
1940–1945No Championships Because of World War II
1939Richard BurtonJohnny Bulla290ENG£100
1938Reg WhitcombeJames Adams295ENG£100
1937Henry CottonRA Whitcombe290ENG£100
1936Alf PadghamJames Adams287ENG£100
1935Alf PerryAlfred Padgham283ENG£100
1934Henry CottonSid Brews283ENG£100
1933Denny ShuteCraig Wood292 playoffUSA£100
1932Gene SarazenMacdonald Smith283USA£100
1931Tommy ArmourJose Jurado296USA(nat)£100
1930Bobby Jones (Amateur)Leo Diegel291USAAm – £100
1929Walter HagenJohnny Farrell292USA£75
1928Walter HagenGene Sarazen292USA£75
1927Bobby Jones (Am)Aubrey Boomer285USAAm – £75
1926Bobby Jones (Am)Al Watrous291USAAm – £75
1925Jim BarnesArchie Compston300USA (nat)£75
1924Walter HagenErnest Whitcombe301USA£75
1923Arthur HaversWalter Hagen295ENG£75
1922Walter HagenJames Barnes300USA£75
1921Jock HutchisonRoger Wethered296 playoffUSA (nat)£75
1920George DuncanAlex Herd303SCOT£75
1915–1919No Championships Because of World War I
1914Harry VardonJ. Taylor306Jersey£50
1913John Henry TaylorEdward Ray304ENG£50
1912Ted RayHarry Vardon295Jersey£50
1911Harry VardonArnaud Massy303 playoffJersey£50
1910James BraidAlex Herd299SCT£50
1909John Henry TaylorTom Ball291ENG£50
1908James BraidTom Ball291SCT£50
1907Arnaud MassyJ. Taylor312France£50
1906James BraidJ. Taylor300SCT£50
1905James BraidRowland Jones318SCT£50
1904Jack WhiteJames Braid296SCT£50
1903Harry VardonTom Vardon300Jersey£50
1902Sandy HerdJames Braid307SCT£50
1901James BraidHarry Vardon309SCT£50
1900John Henry TaylorHarry Vardon309ENG£50
1899Harry VardonJack White310Jersey£30
1898Harry VardonWillie Park Jr307Jersey£30
1897Harold Hilton (Am)James Braid314ENGAm – £30
1896Harry VardonJ. Taylor316 playoffJersey£30
1895John Henry TaylorAlex Herd332ENG£30
1894John Henry TaylorDouglas Rolland326ENG£30
1893William AuchterlonieJohn Laidlay322SCT£30
1892Harold HiltonJohn Ball305ENGAm – £35
1891Hugh KirkaldyWillie Fernie166SCT£10
1890John Ball (Am)Willie Fernie164ENGAm – £13
1889Willie Park, JnrAndrew Kirkaldy155 playoffSCT£8
1888Jack BurnsDavid Anderson, Jr.171SCT£8
1887Willie Park, JnrBob Martin161SCT£8
1886David BrownWillie Campbell157SCT£8
1885Bob MartinArchie Simpson171SCT£10
1884Jack SimpsonWillie Fernie160SCT£8
1883Willie FernieRobert Ferguson159 playoffSCT£8
1882Bob FergusonWillie Fernie171SCT£12
1881Bob FergusonJamie Anderson170SCT£8
1880Bob FergusonPeter Paxton162SCT£8
1879Jamie AndersonJames Allan169SCT£10
1878Jamie AndersonBob Kirk157SCT£8
1877Jamie AndersonRobert Pringle160SCT£8
1876Bob MartinDavid Strath176SCT£10
1875Willie Park, SnrBob Martin166SCT£8
1874Mungo ParkTom Morris, Jr.159SCT£8
1873Tom KiddJamie Anderson179SCT£11
1872Tom Morris, JnrDavid Strath166SCT£8
1871not held    
1870Tom Morris, JnrBob Kirk149SCT£6
1869Tom Morris, JnrBob Kirk154SCT£6
1868Tom Morris, JnrTom Morris, Sr.157SCT£6
1867Tom Morris, SnrWillie Park170SCT£7
1866Willie Park, SnrDavid Park169SCT£6
1865Andrew StrathWillie Park162SCT£8
1864Tom Morris, SnrAndrew Strath167SCT£6
1863Willie Park, SnrTom Morris, Sr.168SCT
1862Tom Morris, SnrWillie Park163SCT
1861Tom Morris, SnrWillie Park163SCT
1860Willie Park, SnrTom Morris, Sr.174SCT

Most Time Winners in the Open Championship

Harry Vardon6 Times1896, 1898, 1899, 1903, 1911, 1914
James Braid5 Times1901, 1905, 1906, 1908, 1910
J.H. Taylor5 Times1894, 1895, 1900, 1909, 1913
Peter Thomson5 Times1954, 1955, 1956, 1958, 1965
Tom Watson5 Times1975, 1977, 1980, 1982, 1983
Old Tom Morris4 Times
Young Tom Morris4 Times
Willie Park Sr.4 Times
Walter Hagen4 Times1922, 1924, 1928, and 1929
Bobby Locke4 Times1949, 1950, 1952, 1957

Missing Years Of  The British Open

The Open Championship is the oldest big tournament in golf, but it hasn’t operated continuously until 1860. Since the Open Championship’s beginning, there have been 13 years without one.

After Young Tom Morris won the British Open 3 times in a row from 1868 to 1870, he officially acquired the trophy, the “challenge belt,” and the 1871 Open Championship was scrapped.

Because the event organizers were unsure of how to go, they had the opportunity to change the competition format. The 1871 British Open was lost due to the longer-than-anticipated duration of these discussions.

Because of World War I, the British Open was postponed from 1915 to 1919; again, due to World War II, it was postponed from 1940 to 1945. The coronavirus pandemic forced the cancellation of the 2020 Open Championship.

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