World Rally Championship Prize Money 2023

wrc prize money

World Rally Championship 2023 started in January, While Chile Rally has been canceled. But the Japan Rally will make its comeback in WRC 2023. The 50th edition of the WRC will be held in 13 various places with 12 drivers. Here, we have discussed how much drivers will make in WRC.

WRC Prize Money 2023

The winner of the World Rally Championship will receive €20,000 in prize money. The sponsorship bonuses are also set for the players to earn more cash. Drivers may earn from €250k to €500k prize share from the sponsorships deals.

Stages Prize Money
Stage Winning Bonus €20k
Sponsorship Bonus €500k
Junior Rookie Drivers Bonus €15k

According to Nasa Rally, Most of the drivers in the WRC take part as a hobby. Only the top-class drivers get contracts in the World Rally Championship. There is no prize share for the lower-class drivers.

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The manufacturers charge money from all drivers who participate in the WRC. A few drivers get paid who holds a contract with the manufacturers.

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