LGT World Women’s Curling Championship Prize Money 2023

World Women's Curling Championship Prize Money

The World Women’s Curling Championship 2023 has been sponsored by the LGT. The tournament will play from 16 to 26 March 2023 at Goransson Arena in Sandviken. Sweden hosts the whole contest.

The tournament will play in a round-robin format, where 13 teams will compete with each other. We have described the World Women’s Curling Championship prize money details.

World Women’s Curling Championship Prize Money 2023

The prize money for the Women’s Curling Champion 2023 has not been officially revealed. But the tournament organizers have set some prize shares for the players to play in the event.

While the prize share of the players depends upon their performances. Here, we have described some teams if they win the competition, how much the prize pool will be split between the players.

Sr. Countries Gold Medalists Silver Medalists Bronze Medalists
1 Italy $213k $107k $71k
2 USA $37.5k $22.5k $15k
3 Switzerland $44k $33k $22k
4 Germany $22k $17k $11k
5 Denmark $15.9k $11.9k $7.8k

Italy is at the top to pay the highest prize share to their medalists than other teams in the tournament. Italy’s gold medalist winner will earn up to $213k prize share. The silver medal winner will receive a $107k prize. And the Bronze medal champion will get $71k prize money.

The USA is the 2nd team that pays the highest payout to their players in World Women’s Curling Championship. The USA gold medal winner will get a $37.5k prize, and the Silver medalist will receive a $22.5k prize share. The Bronze medal winner will take a $15k payout.

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Switzerland is in the 3rd spot in the list, which pays the highest payout to their athletes. The gold medalist will take a $44k prize. The Silver medal winner will get $33k, and the Bronze medal champion will get $22k.

Germany’s gold medalist will put $22k prize money in his pockets. While the Silver medal winner will receive a $17k prize, and the bronze medal champion take an $11k prize share.

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