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Dubai World Cup Prize Money

Dubai World Cup Prize Money

Dubai World Cup is a horse riding race that will be held on 25 Mar 2023 at Meydan Racecourse in Dubai. This is the 27th season of the tournament.

The 2022 Dubai World Cup was won by the Country Grammer. This race is 2000 distance long. The Dubai World Cup prize money for the 2023 edition has been revealed.

Dubai World Cup Prize Money 2023

In 1996, the prize pool of the first season was $4 million. The prize money of the Dubai World Cup is increased every year. The total purse for Dubai World Cup 2023 is $12m, there is no change in prize money this year as compared to last year. 
This year the winner’s prize share is increased by $300k up to the previous last year. The 10% share will receive a jockey from the total purse.
In 2022, the winner of the tournament received $7.2 million, but the 2023 champion will get $7.5 million. The runner-up of the 2023 competition will receive a $3 million prize share.
The 3rd position player will get a $1.5 million prize money. The 4th place player will put a $500k prize into his pockets.
Standing Prize Share
Winner $7.5m
Runner-up $3m
3rd place $1.5m
4th place $500k
Total Payout $12m

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Dubai World Cup Prize Money 2022

The total Dubai World Cup 2022 payout was $12 million which distribute among the players. The winner of the event was get a $7.2 million prize, and the runner-up received a $2.4 million prize share.

Standing Prize Share
Winner $7.2m
Runner-Up $2.4m
3rd Place $1.2m
4th Place $600k
5th Place $360k
6th place $240k
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