IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships Prize Money 2023

Women's World Boxing Championships Prize Money

Women’s World Boxing Championships 2023 is the 13th season of the tournament that will play from 16 to 26 March 2023. India is the host of the tournament, and the competition will be held at Indira Gandhi Arena. The IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships Prize Money 2023 has been announced.

IBA Women’s World Boxing Championships Prize Money 2023

Stages Prize Money
Gold Medalists $100k
Silver Medalists $50k
Bronze Medalists $25k

According to the reports, the total prize pool for the Women’s Boxing Championship 2023 is $2.4 million. This year is no change in the prize pool as compared to the previous year. All other boxers and medal winners will receive money from the total prize pool.

The women’s World Boxing Championships winner will get a gold medal and fill his pockets also with handsome prize money. The champion of the competition will take a 100k prize share from the total prize money.

The runner-up of the Women’s World boxing competition will get a silver medal and will also receive a nice payout. The runner-up of the contest will take a $50k prize share.

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The player who gets 3rd position will receive a Bronze medal and be awarded the $25k prize.

IBA Secretary General and CEO George Yerolimpos add, “As an athlete-focused organization, we are thrilled to give such a considerable prize pool, which will guarantee the best of the best are rewarded for their performances.

We awaiting to watch many of the world’s best female fighters compete for gold at the IBA Women’s World Championships, which are looking like it’s going to be a truly stunning event.

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