What Does Draw No Bet Mean in Sports Betting?

Draw No Bet Mean in Sports Betting

Leading sportsbooks offer many betting options on sports betting markets to enhance their customers’ experience. For instance, when you visit the Lottoland sports betting page, you’ll be thrilled to find that they offer many betting options on single sporting events that you can leverage to boost your winning chances.

One of these options is Draw No Bet (DNB), a betting strategy popular among risk-averse punters. This write-up will help you understand what Draw No Bet means, how it works, and the sports that support this strategy.

Understanding Draw No Bet

If you are new to betting, you must familiarise yourself with standard betting terms such as Draw No Bet. It allows you to know what you are doing in the gambling world.

Simply put, DNB is a betting prediction where you back a team to win or lose a specific event while eliminating the “Draw/Tie” option from your stake. You would bet on either the “home” or “away” outcome in a three-way market.

In this case, if the side you bet on loses, you will have lost the bet, and if it wins, you will have won the bet. However, if the match ends in a draw, your bet is nullified, and the wagering funds are deposited into your betting account.

For a quick takeaway, an example of a Draw No Bet is a scenario comprising two EPL teams; Arsenal and Liverpool. If the two teams are playing, you can place your bet based on your interests.

For instance, you can place a DNB wager in favor of Liverpool. If Liverpool wins the match, you get your payout, and vice versa. If it ends in a draw, you will get a refund.

Is Draw No Bet a Good Strategy?

Well, this depends on your betting goals. While DNB is an excellent technique to increase your chances of winning a bet, it reduces your overall winnings compared to placing an outright bet in a three-way situation.

In that case, DNB can benefit punters who are more interested in minimizing their chances of losing a bet than reaping huge winnings.

Over the years, Draw Not Bet has become popular among savvy bettors and traders desirous of reducing the risk associated with a three-way betting market. In fact, if you average the 2022/23 Premier League seasons, you will find that 23% of the matches ended in a draw.

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Which Sports Provide Draw No Bet?

The DNB strategy only applies to some sports because some don’t end in a tie or draw. Popular sporting games that could end in a draw include Cricket and Football.

These two sports can be great options for applying the DNB strategy. Other sports that could end in a tie where this betting method can be used are Boxing, Chess, Horse Racing, etc.

It’s important to note that some games have specific rules governing the sports. For instance, games such as Tennis take little time, and as a result, they may continue after a draw, making DNB impractical in Tennis.

When Can You Use Draw No Bet?

Betting fans apply the DNB strategy to minimize the probability of losing a stake. With this type of wager, a refund is guaranteed if the event ends in a tie.

Usually, a Draw Not Bet wager does not increase your winning chances. It reduces the likelihood of losing your entire stake.

So, if DNB allows bettors to minimize their losses when betting on sporting events, under which circumstances will it prove practical?  

  1. If there is a very high possibility that a match will end up in a tie.
  2. If you believe the underdog will win. In this case, you can boost your odds while eliminating the chances of losing the bet if the event ends up being a draw.
  3. When placing a live bet in a situation where you believe the favorites will lose in the end.

Final Word

Overall, the popularity of draw-no-bet has been growing steadily among risk-averse bettors. Such bettors usually place their DNB stakes as single bets or accumulators.

For the most part, The draw-no bet works the same in all games—you win if your prediction is correct—in case of a draw or tie, your bet is refunded in full.

So, if you want to place a bet while having a safety net behind your back, draw-no-bet should be an excellent option for you. If you don’t get this option on the bookie you choose, you can check if it has the “Request a Bet” feature and ask for it. 

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