Sports That Start With C

Sports That Start With C

Sports play a significant role in society, fostering physical fitness, teamwork, and a sense of action. This article will explore an exciting array of sports whose names start with the letter “C.”

From globally recognized games like cricket to niche sports like catchball, each sport offers a unique blend of physicality, skill, and strategy.

So, let’s embark on a journey through the world of sports that starts with the letter C:

Sports That Start With C


Catchball is a simple type of volleyball that offers a more accessible and inclusive approach to the game. In this game, players are tasked with catching and throwing the ball instead of using their hands to hit it.

Crazy Golf

Crazy Golf, known as mini-golf, is a traditional game. In this sport, the primary purpose is to finish each hole in the minimum strokes.

Cue Sports

Cue sports, also known as billiards, encompass a wide range of tabletop games played with a cue stick and various balls on a billiard table. This game includes popular types such as pool, snooker, and carom billiards.

Court Tennis

Court tennis, also known as real tennis or royal tennis, is a historical racquet sport that originated in medieval Europe and continues to be played today.

Camel Racing

Camel racing is a traditional sport that dates back centuries and is mainly prevalent in regions with vast deserts. It involves the competitive racing of specially bred and trained camels across designated tracks.

Sports That Start With word C

Canoe Marathon

A canoe marathon is a water sport that combines the endurance of long-distance paddling with competitive racing. Participants navigate through various bodies of water, such as rivers and lakes, covering long distances in this sport.

Canadian Football

Canadian football is a unique and exciting sport deeply rooted in Canadian culture. It is like an American football with several specific rules and gameplay features.

Most Popular Sports That Start With C

Many popular sports in the world start with the word C. Below, we have discussed the most popular games that begin with C.


Cricket is a popular sport that begins with the word C. It started in England and has earned significant worldwide popularity, mainly in Pakistan, Australia, India, England, and South Africa. It is played with a bat and a ball between two teams, each with 11 players.


Chess is a two-player intended game that needs play strategy, insight, and planning. The game is played on a square panel with 64 alternately dark and light courts. Each player starts with 16 pieces, including the king, queen, rooks, knights, bishops, and pawns.


Cycling is a popular recreational sport and transportation mode involving bicycle riding. In the later part of the 19th century, cycling gained popularity in Europe and North America.


Curling is a unique winter sport that originated in Scotland and has gained international popularity. It is played on an ice rink with teams of four players each.

The competition aims to move glittering “curling stones” in a specific direction across the ice. It is one of the winter sports that begin with C.

Chess Boxing

Chess Boxing is a unique hybrid sport that combines chess and boxing into a thrilling competition. In this sport, two opponents compete in alternating rounds of chess and boxing, testing their mental and physical prowess.

Olympic Sports That Start With C

Below we have mentioned those Olympic sports beginning with the word C:

Clean and Jerk

It is one of the events in Olympic weightlifting, a dynamic and challenging sport. This sport showcases an athlete’s strength and technique. In this sport, players strive to lift the maximum weight from the ground to an overhead position.


Canoeing is a thrilling water sport that involves propelling a canoe through various bodies of water using paddles. It is part of the summer Olympic sports that start with the letter C.

Cycle Sport

Cycle sport refers to competitive sporting tournaments that involve the use of bicycles. It contains various events, including road cycling, track cycling, mountain biking, cyclocross, and BMX racing. Cycle Sport is part of each Summer Olympic Games.

Complete List of Sports That Start With C 

Name Name Name
Camel Racing Clean and Jerk Cup Stacking
Cammag Clout Archery Curling
Camogie Club Throw Cushion Caroms
Campdrafting Coastal (Offshore) Rowing Cutting
Candlepin Bowling Combined Driving Cycle Ball
Canicross Competitive Eating Cycle Polo
Canne de Combat Corkball Cycle Speedway
Canadian Football Collegiate Wrestling Cycling 
Canoeing Cowboy Action Shooting Cycling Time Trial
Canoe Marathon Cowboy Mounted Shooting Cyclo-Cross
Canoe Polo Cowboy Polo Czech Handball
Caber Toss Chuckwagon Racing
Calisthenics Circle Rules Football
Calva Clay Pigeon Shooting
Canopy Piloting Crab Soccer 
Capoeira Court Tennis
Capture The Flag Crazy Golf
Car Ice Racing Cricket
Carom Billiards Crossbow Archery
Carriage Driving Croquet
Casting Cross-Country Equestrian
Catchball Cross-Country Skiing
Cestoball Cross-Country Mountain Biking
Chase Tag Cross-Country Rally
Cheerleading Cross-country Running
Chess Crossnet
Chess boxing Cross Triathlon
Chilean Rodeo Crossfit
Chinese Handball Crossminton
Chinlone Cue Sports


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