Top 10 Most-Watched Sports League in The World

Most-Watched Sports League in The World

Sport is a platform that brings people of all languages and cultures together. This platform spreads love, thrill, and competition, bringing much enjoyment. In the past decade, sports have increased their audience globally with modern technology and advertisement.

Besides entertaining us, it has become a significant part of the business. Thus, when Sports and their businesses combine, they create wealth with the organizers’ help.

The league’s primary purpose is to do business and bring up new talents in the sports industry. Every league has different rules from each other, and all of them want to be champions.

A sports fan finances his time and money to watch his favorite player and team live on the match ground. Indeed some of the fans book their tickets even before the competition starts. Every league has its fan following.

Now let’s look at which league has the most fans and is the most-watched sports league in the world in 2023.

Most-Watched Sports League in The World

1. National Football League

National Football League is dominating in viewership. It’s been here since 1920 with only three teams. It comprises 32 equally distributed teams between America Football Conference and National Football Conference.

NFL Most Watched Sports League

In addition, it is a 17 weeks league that takes place from January to September. Usually, 67k+ people attend a game, with 4.5 billion viewers watching it globally. Because of its audience, it is the most popular league in the world. Super Bowl is the other most-watched event of this league.

2. English Premier League (EPL)

English Premier League is on 2nd rank in the world’s most-watched Sports league list. This league plays from August to May. This league matches has been broadcast on television in 220 countries.

EPL attracts an average attendance of 40k in a single game, while it catches the attention of 14 million people every season. Premier League has 3.5 billion viewership worldwide, which makes it the world’s most-viewed soccer league.

Premier League Most watched Sports League

Sponsors also have a leading role in increasing the fan following of the Premier League. Chelsea, Bournemouth, Arsenal, and Everton are some teams that make the audience spend quality time in the stadium.

3. Bundesliga

Bundesliga is a German professional football league that has been playing since 1962. According to its average viewership, it’s the 3rd most-viewed football league in the world. The high qualities of football players that including technical ability and tactical powers in this league.

Bundesliga Most viewed Sports League

It also stands in the world’s most popular and richest sports list. That’s why German fans support their club with intense love, which echoes in their match attendance.

Their average attendance per match is 43k+, with 2.7 billion viewers worldwide. Players play world-class football in this league, so it has a global fan following.

4. La Liga

La Liga attracts 2.7 billion viewers worldwide, making it the world’s most-viewed sports league. It is broadcast in 180 countries, so its international fans are everywhere, especially in America and Asia.

La Liga Most Viewed Sports League

Each season 20 teams play 38 games, and almost 28k people come to watch the show. It’s also the hometown of the two biggest clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona.

The vocal support and enthusiasm of fans add enjoyment to the atmosphere. Further, it is also on television’s list of most viewed sports leagues.

5. Serie A

Serie A is one of the world’s top 5 most-viewed football leagues, with 2.3 billion spectators. Based on average attendance in the match, it is the world’s biggest-watched sports league. In the 2019-20 season, 25k people attended the game, which is a crazy figure for one country.

Serie A Most Watches Sports League

The league becomes more attractive with its first-class players and rivalries between various clubs. Due to its popularity, many top-class players joined this league as Ciro Immobile, playing for the Lazio team.

6. Major League Baseball

MLB is among the list of most-watched sports leagues in the world. Major League Baseball globally has 2.1 billion viewers and 30k spectators per match. 

Major League Baseball Most Watched Sports League

This league is consistently on the top-watched list yearly because its viewers attend the match on the ground. One hundred eighty countries broadcast these matches turning people into its fans. Its season is the longest, as each team plays 162 games.

And it includes the most popular team’s in it, including Los Angeles Dodgers, New York Yankees, and Boston Red Sox are among them.

7. Australian Football League 

The Australian Football League has been a supportive business for Australia since 1886. With an attendance of 36k people per game, it’s included in the world’s top 10 most-watched sports leagues.

AFL Most Watched Sports League

In this league, people enjoy watching teamwork, skills, and athleticism on the field. Eighteen teams of this football league play 22 games in the season. And the final event is played in the last four weeks, and undoubtedly, the final event is the most watched in Australia.

This league is not popular in Australia but is also watched in other countries. AFL is broadcast on TV in 100 different countries.

8. Indian Premier League

Indian Premier League is not only popular in India but worldwide. This tournament started in 2008. League has the world’s top cricketers with a huge fan following on social media platforms.

Indian Premier League Most Viewed Sports League

Now, BCCI is the richest Cricket board in the world; around 31k people come into the stadium in every match.

If we talk about a successful team, it’s the Mumbai Indians. They won five trophies in the league. All the ten teams play 14 matches between them. Eight million fans watch IPL worldwide, making it one of the most viewed cricket leagues.

9. Big Bash League

Big Bash is in the world’s top 10 most-watched sports leagues for its quality matches and promotion. Dwayne Bravo, Chris Gayle, AB de Villiers, and other famous cricketers are some of its best players.

Big Bash League Most Viewed Sports League

It started in 2011 and soon ranked in the globally viewed sports league list because of its thrilling game. Eight different teams represent eight different cities in Australia.

Almost 30k spectators are present per match. In 2016, BBL recorded 80k viewers who watched the live match between the Melbourne Stars and Renegades.

10. Nippon Professional League

Nippon professional league is a Japanese baseball league introduced in the late 1800s. But its average attendance per game is 29k people. In 2013, the NPL recorded a massive audience of 22,047,491 in the match.

Nippon Professional League

Moreover, its brands are a mixture of modern Western influence and traditional Japanese style which is also a factor in its popularity.

Fans appreciate their teamwork, discipline, and fundamentals. This intense love and care for baseball from the viewers make the Nippon professional league on the list of the biggest watched sports worldwide.

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