US Open Golf Prize Money

US Open Golf Prize Money

US Open is a professional golf tournament held in the USA. The USA Open 2023 is the 123rd season of the tournament that will play from 15 June to 18 June.

The competition will play at the North Course of Los Angeles Country Club, California. The US Open Golf Prize Money has been revealed for the 2023 season.

US Open Golf Prize Money

This year’s total prize for the US Open Golf is double the previous season’s. This year the payout has grown from $17.5 million to $20 million. This year $2.5 million prize share has increased compared to last year. This total fund will distribute among the top 60 players.

The US Open Golf winner will receive a nice payout of $3.15 million from the total fund. The contest’s runner-up will get a handsome amount of $1.89 million.

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The 3rd place golfer in the standings will take $1,225,374 prize money to home. The golfer who gets 4th place will take a $859k payout in his hands. While the 60th-place player will also earn a good amount of $35.8k.

Rank Payout
1st $3.15m
2nd $1.89m
3rd $1,225,374
4th $859,032
5th $715,491
6th $634,415
7th $571,950
8th $512,249
9th $463,604
10th $425,830
11th $388,609
12th $359,311
13th $334,805
14th $309,008
15th $286,896
16th $268,470
17th $253,729
18th $238,988
19th $224,247
20th $209,506
21st $196,792
22nd $184,078
23rd $171,732
24th $160,308
25th $150,358
26th $141,882
27th $135,432
28th $129,720
29th $124,192
30th $118,665
31st $113,137
32nd $107,609
33rd $102,081
34th $97,106
35th $93,052
36th $88,998
37th $85,129
38th $81,444
39th $77,758
40th $74,073
41st $70,388
42nd $66,703
43rd $63,017
44th $59,332
45th $55,647
46th $52,330
47th $49,013
48th $45,881
49th $44,038
50th $42,196
51st $41,090
52nd $40,169
53rd $39,432
54th $39,063
55th $38,695
56th $38,326
57th $37,958
58th $37,589
59th $37,221
60th $36,852


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