Tour de Suisse Prize Money

Tour de Suisse Prize Money

Tour de Suisse is a road cycling stage event that will occur in Switzerland from 11 June to 18 June. The Tour de Suisse is in its 86th season and is the 24th UCI World Tour 2023 event. The prize money for the 2023 Tour De Suisse has been revealed.

Each Stage Tour De Suisse Prize Money

Rank Payout
1st Place €4k
2nd Place €2k
3rd Place €1k
4th €500
5th €400
6th €300
7th €300
8th €200
9th €200
10th €100
11th to 20th €100

According to the news, each Tour De Suisse stage champion will receive a €4k prize share. The cyclist who stands in second place will get a €2k reward. The player who receives a 3rd spot on each stage will fill their pocket with a €1k fund.

The cyclist who wins 4th position in every stage will take a €500 prize. The 5th place winner will get a €400 prize, and the 6th & 7th place cyclist will get a €300 prize.

While the players who get the 8th and 9th spots will take €200 prize at each stage, cyclists from 10th to 20th place will receive a €100 payout.

General Classification Payout 

Rank Payout
Winner €16k
Runner-up €8k
3rd €4k
4th €2k
5th €1.6k
6th €1.2k
7th €1.2k
8th €800
9th €800
10th €400
11th to 20th €400

The General Classification winner of Tour De Suisse will take €16k prize share. The runner of the General Classification will take €8k prize. The 3rd place winner will get a nice payout of €4k. 

The 4th place cyclist will get a €2k prize, and the 5th place will get a €1.6k purse. In contrast, the players of the 6th and 7th spots will put €1.2k reward in their pockets.

The cyclists in the 8th and 9th position will receive €800 prize. The cyclists from the 10th to 20th position will take €400 prize share.

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