Giro D’Italia Prize Money

Giro D'Italia Prize Money

Giro D’Italia 2023 is the 106th season of the tournament which will play from 6 May to 28 May 2023. The race will start from the Ortona and end in Rome. There are 6 200km stages and 3 single-time trial stages.

Giro D’Italia Prize Money

According to the reports, the total €1,500,000 approx prize money will distribute among the teams in the Giro D’Italia. The total purse will be divided into all the classified stages. There are also some extra bonuses for the riders which will distribute according to their performances.

General Classification Prizes Money

The top 20 players in Each Stage Classification will get prize money. The winner will get a  €11k prize share. The players who will get 2nd place €5.5k, 3rd place €2.7k, and the 4th place player gets €1.3k prize.

The Overall final classification players will get prize shares and bonuses. The player who gets the first position in the Overall Final Classification will take a €115.6k prize and a €150k bonus. 

The cyclist who is the daily general classification leader will receive a €2k prize share. The top 5 riders will receive a reward in the final points classifications, which will be up to €10k to €2k.

The daily points table leader will take a €750 prize. The top 3 riders who have the most points on any phase will get a prize from €700 to €200.

Sr. Each Stage Overall Final Bonus Daily GC Leader Final Points
1 €11k €115.6k €150k €2k €10k
2 €5.5k €58.4k €75k €8k
3 €2.7k €28.8k €40k €6k
4 €1.3k €14.5k €7k €4k
5 €1.1k €11.6k €6.5k €2k
6 €826 €8.5k €5k
7 €826 €8.5k €5k
8 €551 €5.7k €5k
9 €551 €5.7k €5k
10 to 20 €276 €2.8k €5k

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KOM Prize Money

At KOM’s final classification, the total €15k prize fund will be split between the top 5 riders. The player will take 1st place in the KOM final classification, he will earn €5k payout. 

The rider who is the daily KOM leader will fill their pockets with €750 prize. The best 3 players who gain the most points in any phase will get €700 to €200 prize.

Sr. Final KOM Daily KOM Leader Daily KOM Prizes
1 €5k €750 €700
2 €4k €400
3 €3k €200
4 €2k
5 €1k

Young Riders Prize Money

The daily youth leader will receive a €750 prize money. But the player who will take first place in the youth final classification will receive a €10k prize share.

Sr. Final Youth Classification Daily Youth Leader
1 10k €750
2 €8k
3 €6k
4 €4k
5 €2k

Teams Classification Prize Money

The top 3 teams who will be the best daily teams will grab a prize share from €500 to €100. The top teams will get a prize share in the team’s classifications final. The team that gets first place will receive €5k, and the 2nd place team €4k prize money.

Sr. Final Team Classification Daily Best Team
1 €5k €500
2 €4k €200
3 €3k €100
4 €2k
5 €1k

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Sprint Classification Prize Money

The cyclist who will grab the first position in the final Intermediate Sprint will get €8k payout. The top 5 players who have the most points in any Intermediate Sprint stage receive a €500 to €100 reward.

Sr. Final Sprint Classification Each Intermediate Sprint
1 €8k €500
2 €6k €400
3 €4k €300
4 €2k €200
5 €1k €100

Other Prizes

The rider who has the Daily Most Breakaway Kilometers will earn a €10o prize share. The player who has the most Breakaway Kilometers in the final will get €4.8k prize.

The cyclist who has the most points in the Combative stage will get a €250 prize, and in the final will get a €4k prize share. There are also Final Fair Play prizes for the riders which are from €5k to €2k.

Sr. 1 2 3
Daily Most Breakaway KM €100
Most Breakaway KM Final €4.8k
Daily Combative Prize €250
Final Combative Prize €4k
Final Fair Play €5k €3k €2k

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