Sexiest & Hottest Female Soccer Players in the World

Hottest Female Soccer Players in the World

Now, soccer is not a sport for men because many women have proved their talent. Soccer becomes more fascinating when the hottest female footballer shows their skills on the field.

We become fans of Women’s footballers because of their beauty, talent, and playing strategy. Male footballers dominate soccer, but women’s football is gaining incredible popularity. The skill female football players exhibit grows and changes as the sport develops. 

Top 15 World’s Hottest Female Soccer Players

Selecting the hottest female soccer players can be difficult because many great and sexiest ladies are on the field. But after much thought and investigation, we have built this list:

1. Alex Morgan

hottest Alex Morgan soccer player

Alex Morgan is an American professional footballer who was born in California. Morgan is the captain of the U.S National Football Team and the San Diego Wave FC and plays as a striker for them.

In 2014, she married Servando Carrasco, who is a footballer. She also holds an important place among the best female soccer players. Her fantastic body helps her count on the top 5 hottest women’s soccer players list.

In the field, she attracts the attention of everyone with her beautiful body and murderous style. Her pretty face is simple to look at but very difficult to overlook.

2. Lauren Sesselmann

sexiest Lauren Sesselmann footballer

Lauren Sesselmann is one of the sexiest female football players. Sesselmann is grazing the hearts of men with her hottest body. She was a Canadian soccer player and won a bronze medal in the Olympics. Now, she plays for the Santa Clarita Blue Heat as a forward and defender.

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She is a trainer, host, and producer of the fitness Program. She also played for the Canadian soccer team from 2011 to 2015. Sesselmann is famous as the hottest women’s footballer and one of the richest female players.

3. Alisha Lehmann

hottest Alisha Lehmann soccer player

Alisha Lehmann comes in the 3rd spot in our list of sexiest young female soccer players. Lehmann is a professional young Swiss soccer player who plays for the Aston Villa and Switzerland National Team.

Lehmann is bisexual and was first recognized as a lesbian. Until 2022, she dated Douglas Luiz, a midfielder at Aston Villa.

Alisha is among the best women footballers who are most followed on Instagram. She is also one of the most famous women’s soccer players. Lehmann is the most impressive women’s soccer player and a beauty queen for her fans.

4. Kealia Watt

sexiest Kealia Watt soccer player

Kealia Watt is one of the hottest female soccer players in the world. Watt has long legs, a charming body, and a lovely face that has dropped everyone in her love.

Kealia is the hottest American soccer player, who played for the Chicago Red Stars from 2020 to 2021. Kealia started to play soccer in her teenage and showed their best performances.

Watt also played for the U.S. team in the U-21, U-20, and U-17. Her right eye is blind, and because of this, she has not performed poorly. She also counts in the list of best women’s soccer players worldwide.

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5. Kosovare Asllani

cutest Kosovare Asllani soccer player

Kosovare Asllani is in 5th place in our list of most beautiful soccer players in the world. She gets the fan’s attention on the field because of her lovely body. Asllani is a Swedish women’s footballer who plays for Sweden’s national team and Italian Club AC Milan.

Kosovare plays as an attacking midfielder and a striker in the match. She plays with a dashing speed and great techniques in the game.

Asllani is famous as a beautiful footballer and also a talented soccer player. She is recognized among the fans as the name of Queen. Kosovare nickname is “kossse”. 

6. Ana Maria Marković

hottest Ana Maria Marković football player

Ana Maria Marković is one of the sexiest young women’s football players. Her lovely face and pretty style take to arrest the eyes of everyone. Marković is a Croatian soccer player who plays for the Croatia National Team and Grasshopper Club.

Because of her sexiest body, she is among the female footballers most followed on Instagram. Markovi is an example of how women can be intelligent and gorgeous, and she serves as a role model for young girls.

7. Selina Wagner

most beautiful Selina Wagner soccer player

Selina Wagner is one of the cutest female soccer players. Wagner is a German female footballer who plays for the SC Sand as a midfielder. With her cutest facial expression and charming style, she holds control in the hearts of her fans.

With her fast kicking and technical abilities, she has created her name in the football world. In 2011, her fan following was grown when she gave a photo session for Playboy magazine to promote the competitions.

8. Nayeli Rangel

prettiest Nayeli Rangel footballer

Nayeli Rangel is one of the prettiest female soccer players in the world. Rangel is a Mexican soccer player who plays midfield for Mexico National Football Team and Tigres UANL.

She has won the hearts of their fans by showing their best performances & with her pretty body. Her innocent smile and lovely poses hold the fan’s eyes on her. 

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9. Adriana Leon

hottest Adriana Leon soocer player

Adriana Leon has been added to our list of hottest female soccer players because of her sexiest and most beautiful body. When someone sees her charming body, he wishes to date her—fans who see her lovely eyes so they can’t forget them.

Adriana is a Canadian women’s footballer born in Mississauga on October 2, 1992. She plays for the Canada National Team, Manchester United, and Portland Thorns. Before playing soccer, he was interested in figure skating and ice hockey. 

10. Jordyn Huitema

cutest Jordyn Huitema soccer player

Jordyn Huitema is a Canadian footballer who plays for the Canadian National Team and OL Reign as a forward. She is a young professional female soccer player who scored their first goal at 16.

In the field, her fans are entertained by seeing her performance, her sexiest body, and her stunning styles. She joined Chilliwack FC when she was four and started playing football. Now, she is one of the sexiest women soccer athletes in the world.

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11. Jonelle Filigno

cutest Jonelle Filigno soccer player

Jonelle Filigno is one of the world’s most beautiful women football players. She is a Canadian female footballer who plays for the Sky Blue FC and the Canada National Football team. At the 2012 Olympics, she won a Bronze medal.

Jonelle started playing soccer in north Mississauga at four years old. Fans lose in her love when they look at her gorgeous body.

12. Alexia Putellas

sexiest Alexia Putellas soccer player

Alexia Putellas is a professional Spanish women’s footballer born February 4, 1994. She plays for Spain’s National Team and Barcelona as a midfielder and does both captaincy.

Putellas won her fans’ hearts with her beautiful body and outstanding performances. She is among the best female footballers who have followed most on Instagram.

 She is recognized as one of the greatest female footballers of all time and the top female player in the world now.

13. Sydney Leroux

sexiest Sydney Leroux footballer

Sydney Leroux is the sexiest professional soccer player who plays for Angel City FC as a forward. Leroux also won a gold medal in the Olympics. 

Her sexiest body and lovely face will make you crazy in her love. At age 15 agr, she started her career by playing for the Whitecaps. Leroux comes in 13th place on our list of the sexiest female footballers in the world.

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14. Kaylyn Kyle

Kaylyn Kyle soccer player

Kaylyn Kyle is a Canadian women’s soccer player who plays midfielder for the Orlando Pride & Canada National team. In the Summer Olympics 2012, she won a Bronze medal. Now, she leaves soccer and works as a football broadcaster.

Kaylyn makes her fans crazy with her cutest face, beautiful body, and long legs. She has left the game but is still her fans’ dream girl. She is one of the most attractive soccer players.

15. Hope Solo

beautiful Hope Solo soccer player

Hope Solo is a former English soccer goalkeeper who played for the U.S. Women’s team as a goalkeeper from 2006 to 2011. She held a gold medal in the Olympics and was a World Cup champion.

Hope was a talented soccer player who performed well and became the best all-time female soccer player.

She is famous as a great player and is also known as the cutest female soccer player. Her charming body and prettiest styles make fans in love.

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