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Top 13 Sexiest & Hottest Wives in the World Cup 2022

Sexiest & Hottest Wives in the World Cup 2022

Below is a list of the Sexiest & Hottest Wives in the World Cup 2022. The camera, although, always manages to spot the sexiest footballer spouses in the stadium while the game is on. So, we take a look at all of the beautiful FIFA World Cup wives of soccer players.

Top 13 Hottest Wives in the World Cup 2022

1. Alice Campello (Alvaro Morata Wive)

Alice Campello is the wife of Alvaro Morata, Campello is an influencer, fashion blogger & model.

Hottest Alice Campello wife of Alvaro Morata

2. Pilar Rubio  (Sergio Ramos Wife)

One of the FIFA World Cup 2022 hottest spouses is Pilar Rubio. Sergio Ramos, a Spanish center defender, wed Pilar Rubio, a Spanish journalist, and actress, in 2012. Together, the couple has three sons: Sergio, Marco, and Alejandro.

hottest Pilar Rubio wife of Sergio Ramos

3. Loveliest Rafaella Witsel (wive of Axel Witsel)

Rafaella Witsel, a lovely woman, is wedded to Belgian celebrity Axel Witsel. One of the loveliest Wives attending the FIFA World Cup in 2022 is her.

Rafaella Witsel wive of Axel Witsel

4. Gorgeous Lorelei Taron (Radamel Falcao’s wife)

One of the hottest wives in the world cup 2022 is Lorelei Taron. When she was just 16 years old, Argentine singer Lorelei Taron met Radamel Falcao at a church. Three years later, in 2007, they got married.

Lorelei Taron wife of Radamel Falcao’s

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5. Cuttest Noémie Happart (Yannick Carrasco Spouse)

Model Noemie Happart of Belgium wed Yannick Carrasco in 2017. Following Carrasco’s signing to the Chinese Super League, they both relocated to China. One of the cutest spouses attending the 2022 World Cup is Noemie Happart.

Noémie Happart (Yannick Carrasco Spouse)

6. Sexiest Jesica Sterling (David Ospina’s wive)

One of the 2022 Football World Cup’s sexiest spouses is Jessica Sterling. Goalie David Ospina of Colombia wed gorgeous model, Jesica Sterling of Colombia, in 2012.

Jesica Sterling spouse of David Ospina’s

7. Beautiful Anna Lewandowska (Robert Lewandowski Wife)

One of the World Cup 2022 loveliest spouses is Anna Lewandowska. Robert Lewandowski, a soccer star from Poland, wed Anna Lewandowska nine years ago. The Barcelona forward is anticipated to score a lot at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. She is one of the sexiest Wives in the World Cup 2022.

sexiest Anna Lewandowska at world cup 2022

8. Hottest Sofia Balbi (Luis Suarez’s Spouse)

One of the Hottest Wives in the World Cup 2022 is Sofia Balbi. Luis Suarez, a striker for Uruguay, wed Sofia Balbi, his childhood girlfriend, in 2009.

Together, they are parents to two kids. Suarez and Balbi first met while he was sweeping streets in Uruguay, but Balbi pushed him to pursue his goal of playing professional football.

Hottest Sofia Balbi

9. Hottest Lisa Muller (Thomas Muller’s wife)

One of the football hottest wives in the world cup 2022 is Lisa Muller. Lisa Muller, Thomas Muller’s wife. Although Muller is very gorgeous, she also exudes a certain natural attractiveness.

Model and competitive horse rider Muller. At the age of 17, the pair fell in love and were united in marriage in 2009.

Lisa Muller wife of Thomas Muller

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10.  Sexiest Michele Lacroix (Kevin de Bruyne’s Wife)

Michele Lacroix, the wife of Kevin de Bruyne, will join the 2022 FIFA  World Cup. In 2014, the winger first encountered Michele while still a member of Wolfsburg.

Evidently, De Bruyne’s ex secretly engaged in love affairs with workmate Thibaut Courtois around the time he ended things and started dating Michele.

After they started dating, Michele became pregnant within a year and gave birth to a child. De Bruyne then made the decision to return to Manchester.

Michele Lacroix (Kevin de Bruyne’s Wife)

11. Gorgeous Camille Tytgat (Raphael Varane’s Wive)

One of the 2022 Football World Cup’s sexiest wives is Camille Tytgat. Raphael Varane, a French defender, wed Camille Tytgat in June 2015 after they first met while they were teenagers. The two youthful lovebirds have avoided the spotlight in the media.

Camille Tytgat

12. Sexiest Daniela Jehle (Marc-André ter Stegen’s wife)

Daniela Jehle, the wife of Marc-André ter Stegen, will attend the 2022 World Cup. Since he revealed their engagement on a Facebook live broadcast, the German and his Dutch bride Daniela Jehle have been married. “The biggest wish I currently have gets fulfilled in the summer: I will marry my fiance,” he wrote on Facebook.

Daniela Jehle wife of Marc-André ter Stegen’s

13. Beautiful Erika Choperena (Antoine Griezmann’s wive)

Erika Choperena, the wife of Antoine Griezmann, attended the World Cup 2022. Antoine Griezmann, a star for France, scores not only on the field but also off it.

Erika Choperena wive of Antoine Griezmann’s

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