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Top 13 Hottest Wags in World Cup 2022

Hottest Wags in World Cup 2022

Some brilliant people come from the sports industry. But sportsmen also possess a great deal of appeal in addition to talent & skill.

Therefore, nothing further should be expected from players’ devoted followers. The World Cup has here, which means that the stunning Wags (Girlfriends) of footballers will be cheering on their boyfriends from the stands. Here we have created a list of the hottest & Sexiest wags of football players who are going to the FIFA world cup 2022.

Hottest Wags Going to World Cup 2022

The FIFA World Cup 2022 has arrived, and each of the athletes’ gorgeous WAGS will be present at many of the matches. This World Cup will feature some of the most stunning ladies in the world, so football fans can expect to see plenty of beautiful lollipops.

Sexiest & Hottest Wags in World Cup 2022

A few of the sexiest and most attractive WAGS going to the FIFA World Cup 2022 are shown here. So, we’ve put together a list of the sexiest girlfriends attending the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

1. Georgina Rodriguez (Ronald’s Wag)

Georgina Rodriguez, the fiancée of Cristiano Ronaldo, will attend the 2022 World Cup. Ronaldo has loved a number of models over the years, it appears that Georgina Rodriguez is his happy ending. The couple is now the parents of a kid. Rodriguez is among the Hottest Wags in World Cup 2022.

Georgina Rodriguez wag of Ronaldo

2. Hottest Annie Kilner (Kyle Walker’s Wag)

World Cup 2022 will be visited by Annie Kilner, Kyle Walker’s girlfriend. The stunning Annie Walker is with Kyle Walker. One of the sexiest Girlfriends attending the World Cup in 2022 is her.

hottest Annie Kilner Kyle Walker’s Girlfriend

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3. Sexiest Bruna Marquezine (Neymar’s Wag)

Bruna Marquezine, Neymar’s girlfriend, will attend the 2022 World Cup. Neymar, a player for PSG, is dating Bruna Marquezine, a Brazilian actress. She has a large Audience on Instagram and is undoubtedly one of the sexiest WAGs in soccer.

Bruna Marquezine wag of Neymar

4. Sexiest Oriana Sabatini (Paulo Dybala’s Wag)

Sabatini is a model, pop singer, and actress simply known as Oriana. She is also Paulo Dybala’s Juventus player’s girlfriend.

Oriana Sabatini Paulo Dybala’s Girlfriend

5. Hottest Paige Milian (Raheem Sterling GF)

Paige Milian is an eager young woman who works as a sports coach and a real estate developer, controlling the properties she has with her attractiveness. She may be engaged to Raheem Sterling.

Paige Milian (Raheem Sterling GF)

5).  Hottest Leah Monroe (Tammy Abraham’s Wag)

Leah Monroe (Tammy Abraham’s Wag)

6. Beautiful Perrie Edwards (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Girlfriend)

Perrie Edwards, the fiance of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, will attend the 2022 World Cup. Perrie Edwards, a singer, is with the Englishman who is currently in Liverpool. Since 2017, he has been with Perrie Edwards. One of the Sexiest GF attending the World Cup of Football 2022 is Perrie Edwards.

Perrie Edwards (Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain Girlfriend)

7. Beautiful Edurne (David De Gea Wag)

Edurne (David De Gea Wag)

8. Gorgeous Yoo So-young (Son Heung-Min Girlfriend)

Yoo so-young is one of the sexiest girlfriends going to the World Cup 2022.

Yoo So-young (Son Heung-Min Girlfriend)

9. Sexiest Annekee Molenaar (WAG of De Ligt)

Annekee Molenaar (WAG of De Ligt)

10. Hottest Sara Botello (Aymeric Laporte’s GF)

Sara Botello, Aymeric Laporte’s partner, will attend the 2022 World Cup. While performing in Bilbao, he met Sara Botello, the love of his life. Ballet is Sara’s area of expertise. Taking everything into account, the couple is childless.

Sara Botello (Aymeric Laporte’s GF)

11. Beautiful Sasha Attwood (Jack Grealish Wag)

Sasha Attwood (Jack Grealish Wag)

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12. Stunning Anouska Santos (Luke Shaw’s Girlfriend)

Anouska Santos is the devoted partner of Manchester United’s Luke Shaw and the mother of their son, Reign London, who she supposedly encountered at a music concert in 2017.

Anouska Santos (Luke Shaw Girlfriend)

13. Gorgeous Kate Kane (Harry Kane Wag)

Fitness teacher Katie Goodland has been dating Harry Kane ever since they first met in school. The celebrity of her husband is reported to drive Goodland, a sports science specialist, a very little “crazy.”

Kate Kane (Harry Kane Wag)

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