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Asia Cup Winners List From 1984 to 2022

Asia Cup Winners List

Asia cup started in 1984 and was held in UAE. Asia cup has been played in the ODI format, but later it changed into t20 format. In 2016, the Asia cup has first time played in the t20 format, So the Asian cricket council decided that One day international and Twenty 20 will be played alternatively. Asia cup for 2023 will be the 16th edition.

Asia cup 2023 was decided to be played in Pakistan, the Asia cup 2022 was played in the UAE which was won by the Sri Lanka team.

Asia Cup Winners List From 1984 to 2022

Year Winner Name
1984 India
1986 Srilanka
1988 India
1990/91 India
1995/97 India
2000 Pakistan
2004 Srilanka
2008 Srilanka
2010 India
2012 Pakistan
2014 Srilanka
2016 India
2018 India
2022 Sri Lanka

Which Team Won the Most Asia Cups?

The most successful team of the tournament was India which won almost seven titles which is indeed a considerable achievement. India won its first edition in 1984, played in an ODI format, then in 2018.

They succeeded in 2018 against Bangladesh, where both teams played very well till the end and faced each other in UAE in the finals.

Then India defeated Bangladesh by almost three wickets and became the champions again. Shikhar Dhawan became a man of the match because of his brilliant performance and continuous efforts to become victorious.

Asia cup in 2018 was played in a One-day international format, but it has been decided that this tournament in 2022 will be played in a Twenty20 format.

In the augural season of the Asia cup, only three teams were playing with each other India, Pakistan, and Srilanka. Pakistan and India faced each other in the finals, but India defeated Pakistan and won that title as well, and yet, it has won almost seven titles, as mentioned earlier.

2nd Most Successful Team in Asia Cup

After India, Srilanka became 2nd most successful team in the Asia cup, which has won five titles. It will be participating in 2022 as well, so we look forward to all the team’s performances.

How Many Times Did India Win Asia Cup?

India was the most successful team in the competition, winning close to seven trophies, which is an amazing feat.

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