Tour De France Prize Money

Tour De France Prize Money

The Tour de France 2023 is scheduled from the 1st to the 23rd of July. It is the 110th edition of this renowned cycling event, often called the Grand Boucle.

One of the best aspects of the event is the significant financial rewards that await the participating teams. A staggering 2,308,029 euros will be distributed among the teams competing in the race. Below we have talked about the Tour de France prize money 2023 distribution.

Tour De France Prize Money

Event Payout
General Classification €1.13m
Best Climber Classification €114.4k
Most Aggressive Rider Classification €58k
Points Classification €131k
Special Bonus Prizes €19k
Each Stage Wins €601.6k
Team Classification €178.8k
Young Rider Classification €66.5k
Total Payout €2,308,200

Each Stage Wins

The winner of each day stage will be awarded a handsome sum of €11k.The second-place finisher will receive €5.5k, while the third-place finisher will be rewarded with €2.8k. The total 601k prize money has been set for each stage winner.

Rank Payout
1 €11k
2 €5.5k
3 €2.8k
4 €1.5k
5 €830
6 €780
7 €730
8 €670
9 €650
10 €600
11 €540
12 €470
13 €440
14 €340
15 €300
16 €300
17 €300
18 €300
19 €300
20 €300
Daily total €28,650
Days 21
Total €601,650

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General Classification

The cyclist who emerges victorious in the General Classification receives a handsome cash prize of €500k. The cyclist securing the second position in the GC is awarded a sum of €200k.
The rider who finishes third in the GC stage is bestowed with a cash prize of €100k. From positions 20 to 160, each rider is guaranteed a cash prize of €1,000. The rider donning the Yellow Jersey receives a daily financial bonus of €500, except on Stage 1.
Position Payout
1 €500k
2 €200k
3 €100k
4 €70k
5 €50k
6 €23k
7 €11.5k
8 €7.6k
9 €4.5k
10 €3.8k
11 €3k
12 €2.7k
13 €2.5k
14 €2.1k
15 €2k
16 €1.5k
17 €1.3k
18 €1.2k
19 €1.k
20 to 160 €1k
Total €1.12m

Team Classification

The winning team in the Team Classification is awarded a prize of €50k. The finalist team receives €30k, followed by €20,k for the third-placed team.

The fourth and fifth-placed teams are rewarded with €12k and €8k. The team whose first three riders complete the stage in the shortest combined time is given €2.8k.

Position Winner
1 €50k
2 €30k
3 €20k
4 €12k
5 €8k
Days 21
Total 12k

Points Classification

The winner of the Points Classification is presented with a generous prize of €25k. The first three cyclists who pass the intermediate sprint points are rewarded with cash prizes in these stages.
The rider in first place receives €1,500, the second-place rider is awarded €1,000, and the third-place rider receives €500. In 2023, there will be 19 stages with intermediate sprints.
Each day, except for the first day, the Green Jersey rider is granted €300 for outstanding performance. The prize pool for the Points Classification amounts to an impressive €131,000.
Placing Intermediate Sprint Winner
1 €1.5k €25k
2 €1k €15k
3 €500 €10k
4 €4k
5 €3.5k
6 €3k
7 €2.5k
8 €2k
Daily €3k
Days 20
Total 60k €65k

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Young Rider Classification

It is only for riders who are 26 years old. The champion of the Young Rider Classification will receive a prize of €20k. The rider who wears this jersey earns €300 daily as a reward.

The first cyclists under 26 to end the peace daily will get a prize of €500. This further encourages young riders to showcase their skills and talent for excellence.

Position First Stage Winner
1 €500 €20k
2 €15k
3 €10k
4 €5k
Days 21
Total €10.5k €50k

Best Climber Classification

Position Polka Dot Jersey wearer winner
1 € 300 €25k
2 €15k
3 €10k
4 €4k
5 €3.5k
6 €3k
7 €2.5k
8 €2k
Days 20
Total €6k €65k

Each Climb Payout

Category 1 2 3 Total
HC €800 €450 €300 €9.3k
1HC €650 €400 €150 €15.6k
2HC €500 €250 €7.7k
3HC €300 €6k
4HC €200 €3.2k
Total €41,800

Most Aggressive Rider

The Most Aggressive Rider and Super Combative Rider awards are prestigious recognitions in the Tour de France. This award is presented daily, excluding time trials and the last stage.
The Most Aggressive Rider award recipient is rewarded with €2k for outstanding performance. In total, a sum of €38k is allocated as the prize money for this award throughout the entire Tour de France.
But, the Super Combative Rider award recognizes the rider who displays the best performance in the tournament. The Super Combative Rider is granted a special prize of €20k for their exceptional performance.
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