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2023 Rugby World Cup Pools

Rugby World Cup Pools

The Rugby World Cup 2023 will be held in September, and the rugby fans look forward to knowing about the Rugby World Cup Pools 2023. Here, we will discuss in detail the formation of these 2023 Rugby World Cup groups.

We will also explore how the 20 teams of shining rugby stars are placed in 4 different pools. So, if you are ready to know about Pools for the 2023 Rugby World Cup without any further delay, let’s start.

Rugby World Cup 2023 Pool Draw Date

Rugby World Cup 2023 will be held from 8th September to 28th  October 28. France is going to host these matches. The rugby World Cup Pools 2023 draw was done in December 2020. There are a total of twenty teams, and these teams are divided into four different pools.

Rugby World Cup Pools 2023

Pools Teams
A Italy, Namibia, Uruguay, New Zealand, France  
B Tonga, Ireland, Romania, South Africa,  Scotland 
C Wales, Georgia, Portugal,  Australia, Fiji
D Argentina, Chile, Samoa, England, Japan

As we mentioned above, the 20 squads are divided into four pools. Each Pool has five teams. They will compete with each other, and then the winner from each Pool will get in the semifinal.

After the semifinal, the winners will fight the last battle for this title. So, here are the Rugby World Cup Pools 2023 details:

Pool A: The Pool of Power

Pool A is the Pool of power, including all the five rugby powerhouses. This Pool consists of the hometown teams of France and New Zealand. The chances for New Zealand to win are higher. These chances are based on their historical performance. 

France and New Zealand have come across each other in about 61 tournaments. In these tournaments, New Zealand got the lead over France 48 times.

Francis will get much fan support as it is the hometown team. But France has to show their best to defeat the world’s best rugby team, New Zealand.

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The third team in this Pool is Italy. Currently, Italy is the 4th best rugby team in rugby. Here comes the world 4rth best team name, Uruguay, and finally, the fifth team in this Pool is Nambia.

Pool B: The Pool of Death

This Pool B is considered to be the Pool of Death as it includes the world champions team of South Africa. But South Africa had to compete with Ireland. Ireland reached the quarterfinals in the 2019 World Cup, but South Africa got the lead and became the winner of the 2019 World Cup

Fans are looking forward to these two teams coming 1st and 2nd rank in this Pool. But there are three more teams in this Pool where Scotland is a dark horse to move to the next round, benefiting from other teams’ mistakes.

The remaining two teams need to improve in rugby. Tonga and Romanineed to struggle and work hard to compete against such rugby giants.

Pool C

We can predict the teams in the next round if we look at the teams in group C. Based on their historical achievements, Wales and Australia are considered winners. Australia is a two-time champion of this trophy.

Australia has always defeated Wales, but this tradition ended in the World Cup of Ruby 2019 when Wales led Australia and won the match, so this is the striking match of these two champs and will be a fantastic battle.

Fiji, Georgia, and Portugal stars will fight with these champs for the next round.

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Pool D

In the Pool, the selection is quite suitable for England. England is the finalist of the 2019 Rugby World Cup, and they will compete with a team that has never been able to reach the Pool. But this time, Japan has made its way so that the game can be changed anytime. 

The third team, Argentina, will compete with Japan for second place. In 1999, japan and Argentina came across each other in rugby, but Japan lost the battle. Let’s see how much progress has been made for the 2023 Rugby World Cup. The last two countries are Chile and Samoa.

Final Remarks

So rugby followers are looking for the champions selected against each other, and out of 20 teams, one will play against each other for the quarterfinal, semifinal, and final. Worry not. This article discusses the 2023 Rugby World Cup pool formation and selected teams.

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