Top 5 Sexiest & Hottest Female Rugby Players in the World

Hottest Female Rugby Players

Who are the hottest female rugby players? Does This question hit your mind, and you are a rugby fan and want to know who is the sexiest female rugby player? Then, you are in the right place.

We have enlisted the top 5 world’s hottest women rugby players here. These rugby women are not just beautiful but also have excellent rugby skills. They Have a huge fan base due to their unmatchable beauty and excellence in the game.

So, without wasting time, let’s look at these beautiful female rugby players who attract the attention of fans on the field.

Top 5 Hottest Female Rugby Players

1. Vicky Fleetwood

Vicky Fleetwood is one of the sexiest female rugby players. She has splendid abs that make her attractive and add to the strength with which she plays in the field. Her magnificent looks differentiate her from the other rugby players.

Vicky Fleetwood - Hottest Female Rugby Player


She is not just beautiful but also possesses unmatchable rugby-playing skills. Her qualities have attracted an enormous fan base all over the world.

She played in the Rugby World Cup 2014, representing the England team, and she won this match. Her hottest body and killer looks have solidified her place at the top of our hottest women rugby players list.

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2. Ellie Boatman

In our list of hottest women rugby players, here comes the Ellie Boatman. She is also among the sexiest female rugby players due to her physical fitness. According to Ellie, the secret of her fitness and beauty lies in her diet and workout routine.

Ellie Boatman - Most Cutest Rugby Player

These routines give her dazzling looks and the technical skills needed to excel in the field. She is also counted on the beautiful English female rugby players.

She had won a gold medal in the European Games 2023. This gorgeous rugby lady has secured her position in the Olympics 2023.

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3. Charlotte Caslick

When we think about beauty and mind together in rugby players, how can we forget the most beautiful and glorious lady, Charlotte Caslick? She is not just an outclass rugby player but also owns phenomenal beauty. Caslick has arrested her fans in her love with her beautiful body and charming face.

Charlotte Caslick - Most Beautiful Rugby Players

She has unique technical skills and unforgettable looks. She is also a gold medal winner in the Olympics. She is an Australian rugby player with sensational beauty and remarkable skills.

4. Natasha Hunt

Natasha Hut is also known by her nickname “Mo.” She secured her name in the world’s hottest female rugby players list due to her glamorous looks. She not only has an eye-catching beauty but also undefeatable skills in rugby.

Natasha Hunt - Sexiest Women Rugby Players

This 34-year-old lady is an English rugby player who represents England. She was the winner of the Rugby World Cup 2014. Off the field, she is also a professional teacher.

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5. Emily Scarratt

Emily Scarratt is among the sexiest women’s rugby players due to her alluring looks. She is also the tallest rugby player in the England Team.


Emily Scarratt - Hottest Female Rugby Players

She left her job as a PE assistant to become a professional rugby player. She represented England in the 2018 Commonwealth Games and won the bronze. 

She won the title of Rugby World Cup Sevens in 2018. In 2020, she was the highest rugby scorer in the England team. This gorgeous rugby woman has fallen the fans in love with her lovely face and charming body.

Winding Up

It takes work to break into the rugby world, as this game demands a perfectly fit body and mind. Despite this challenging game, some stunning ladies excelled on the rugby field and amazed their fans with their hottest looks.

We have enlisted the top 5 hottest female rugby players in 2023. These are famous for their attractive looks and extraordinary skills. So continue to read to find out more about these beauties of rugby.

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