Top 10 Hottest & Most Handsome Male Rugby Players in the World

Hottest Male Rugby Players

Following the toughest game of rugby, you may come across a question: Who are the hottest male rugby players? If yes, then be at ease. We have compiled a list of the top ten hottest male rugby players.

Playing rugby demands physical fitness and strength not to be knocked out during the game. The sexiest rugby players are handsome and have perfection in rugby. So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

Top 10 Hottest Male Rugby Players

These players have secured a position in our list of the top 10 hottest rugby players of all time due to their exceptional looks and features, thrilling playing style, and perfect abs, so continue to read and find out which one is your favorite beautiful male rugby player.

1. Jayden Hayward

In our list of most handsome male rugby players, Jayden Hayward is in the top position due to his striking looks. Initially, he played for New Zealand in Taranaki. In 2017, he got Italian citizenship and now plays for Italy. 

Jayden Hayward - Hottest Rugby Player


He is known for his attractive features and long beard, which greatly add to his stunning looks. He can play fly-half, fullback, or center. He was selected in the squad for the Rugby World Cup 2019. He is the hottest rugby player and the most talented one.

2. Dan Carter

Dan Carter from New Zealand is a rugby union player known for his stunning looks and skills on the rugby field. He’s among the most beautiful rugby players. He is famous for his looks and points scorer in the rugby matches.

Dan Carter - Hottest Rugby Player


He mainly plays as a fly-half. Several specialists in rugby have accepted his remarkable achievement in rugby. He is the second player to get the title of International Rugby Board Player of the Year three times in 2005, 2012, and 2015.

It’s not the end, and this spunky rugby player has also won six rugby titles and 6 Tri-Nations and rugby football Championships with the All Blacks.

This good-looking, handsome has won the hearts of the fans with his muscular body and superb technical skills. He is also one of the best-looking rugby players of all time.

3. Jamie Roberts

The Welsh union rugby player Jamie Roberts is in third place among the hottest rugby players. He speaks Welsh fluently. He is famous for his attractive looks and rugby styles, such as playing center, fullback, and wing.

Jamie Roberts - Most Handsome Rugby Player


He has been a member of several rugby teams, such as the Wales National team in 2008, the Stormers in Super Rugby, and Cardiff RFC. He also represented Australia in 2013. 

He has won the hearts of his fans for his charming looks. Off the rugby field, he is also a certified doctor, and his MPhil in life sciences is continued from Queens College. He is one of the hot rugby players in the UK.

4. Jordi Murphy

Here comes Jodi Murphy, one of the world’s hottest male rugby players. He is an Irish rugby player known for his eye-catching looks and rugby-playing technical skills. He is currently playing with Ireland National Rugby team and Ulster.

Jordi Murphy - Sexiest Rugby Player



He was part of the winning team of the junior cup of Leinster Schools against Gonzaga College in 2006. He has been awarded the title of Blackrock’s sports personality of the year in 2009.

This title was given to him because, under his captaincy in 2009, his team won the Leinster Senior Cup. His name was given to him because he was born a night before Spain’s St. Jordi festival day. This little Jordi is now famous for his phenomenal personality.

5. Anthony Watson

We are talking about the top 10 sexiest male rugby players; how can we forget to count  Anthony Watson in this list? Watson belongs to England and got the public’s attention due to his charming personality.

Anthony Watson - Sexiest Rugby Player


He has a perfect muscular body of 6.1 feet tall and weighs 200 pounds. He plays fullback and wing for the Leicester Tigers. Because of his remarkable rugby skills, he was selected to play for the Irish and British Lions from 2017 to 2021.

British and Irish lion teams were made with the outstanding rugby players of Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England. In 2011, he became the youngest rugby player to join London Irish in a big league match.

So with all this, you can say our star is not just charming and good-looking but also a master of rugby.

6. Jared Payne

Jared Payen has secured his name among the world’s hottest male rugby players due to his striking appearance. This handsome guy belongs to New Zealand but played rugby for Ireland. He has eye-catching features, standing tall at 6.2 feet.

Jared Payne - Handsome Rugby Players


His deep blue eyes and dark hair captivate his fans. In 2017, he showed his rugby talent by visiting New Zealand, representing the British and Irish Lions. Now, he has joined the Ulster team as a coach and has decided to contribute to rugby as a coach in the future. 

7. Brice Dulin

How can we forget about the French Rugby Union star Brice Dulin when debating the most handsome rugby players? His charismatic appearance and exceptional skills on the rugby field leave his fans in awe.

Brice Dulin - Handsome Male Rugby Player


With a height of 5.9 feet and chiselled features, he is among the top 10 hottest French rugby players. Dulin started his career as a rugby player in 2009 when he joined SU Agen.

His rugby career peaked when he joined the French national jersey during their tour to Argentina. Now, he is not only famous for his majestic looks but also due to his stellar performance. 

He plays with an undefeatable speed and agility in fullbacks. Currently, he is representing La Rochelle in the Top 14 competition. He is not just a rugby player. He is a sensation for his fans. He is one of the most famous male rugby players.

8. Cam Dolan

Cam Dolan, the American rugby player, is one of the most beautiful rugby players in the world. This handsome rugby player belongs to the United States. Although he has also played for other teams several times, he is part of American Union rugby players.

Cam Dolan - Hottest Male Rugby Players



However, rugby is not famous in the U.S., but this man got the public’s and rugby players’ attention worldwide due to his striking appearance. This 6.6-foot tall, handsome has won the U.S. Breakout Player of the Year title by Rugby Magazine in 2013.

9. Mathew Morgan

Mathew Morgan is one of the best-looking rugby players of all time. Morgan is a Welsh rugby star who is famous not only for his exceptional rugby talent but also for his captivating looks.

Mathew Morgan - Handsome Male Rugby Players


Mathew stands tall at 5.8 feet with strong muscular legs. He plays fly-half and fullback with remarkable speed and agility. Morgan started his career in rugby at an English club, Bristol Rugby, where he proved himself the best points scorer.

Morgan has also achieved remarkable success in the RFU Championship. The presence of this man in the field is captivating not only for his skills but also due to his heavenly appearance.

10. Craig Wing

In the list of the top 10 sexiest male rugby players, we can add Craig Wing without any doubt. He is an Australian Rugby player well known for his stacked physique and excellent skills of playing hooker and half-back.

Craig Wing - Beautiful Male Rugby Players


Due to his exceptional athleticism and relentless pursuit of excellence, he has secured his place in the Japan National rugby team. His presence not only amazes the rugby players with his charming looks but also due to his agility and speed in the field.

Final Remarks

Rugby is one of the most challenging games in the world, and its players are considered as tough as it is. Players of rugby are not just physically strong but also quite handsome.

Here, we have compiled a list of the hottest male rugby players, so continue to read more about these players and let us know what you think about them.

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