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List of Most Appeared Players in FIFA Women’s World Cup

Most Appeared Players in FIFA Women's World Cup

The eyes of everyone on Australia and New Zealand as they co-host the Women’s World Cup. This event is expected to surpass previous records and elevate women’s football to new heights. Here, we have discussed which player most appeared in the women’s world cup.

Most Appeared Players in FIFA Women’s World Cup

The Brazillian Formiga has etched her name in history with an amazing seven Women’s World Cup appearances. Homare Sawa from Japan is in second place and is appeared in six world cups.

Another Brazilian player, Marta, appeared in six Women’s World Cups. Christine Sinclair from Canada and Onome Ebi from Nigeria have also appeared in six world cups.

JapanHomare Sawa6
CanadaChristine Sinclair6
NigeriaOnome Ebi6
USAKristine Lilly5
GermanyBirgit Prinz5
USAChristie Rampone5
CanadaSophie Schmidt5
New ZealandAnnalie Longo5
New ZealandRia Percival5
New ZealandAli Riley5
SwedenCaroline Seger5
NorwayBente Nordby4
AustraliaClare Polkinghorne4
AustraliaLydia Williams3
GermanyNadine Angerer3
CanadaKarina LeBlanc2

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Most Played Matches in Women’s World Cup

Kristine Lilly, the famous U.S. soccer player, had 30 Women’s World Cup matches played. Her this record reflects her talent and her amazing dedication to the game. 

Formiga is in second place after playing 27 matches in seven world cups. And Abby Wambach is a one-third place and has played 25 matches. 

USAKristine Lilly30
USAAbby Wambach25
USACarli Lloyd25
USAJulie Foudy24
JapanHomare Sawa24
GermanyBirgit Prinz24
USAJoy Fawcett23
USAMia Hamm23
NorwayBente Nordby22
NorwayHege Riise22
GermanyBettina Wiegmann22
CanadaChristine Sinclair21
EnglandJill Scott21

Most Qualified Teams in Women’s World Cup

Seven nations have consistently qualified for all nine Women’s World Cup editions. The USA is the most successful team, playing 50 matches and winning 40 games.

  • USA
  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • Nigeria
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Germany

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Debut Teams in the Women’s World Cup

Eight teams have debuted in the 2023 Women’s World Cup. These are the teams that debut in the 2023 World Cup:

  • Haiti
  • Ireland
  • Zambia
  • Panama
  • Vietnam
  • Portugal
  • Morocco
  • Philippines

This tournament allows these nations to showcase their talent and passion to the world.

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