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Dubai International Cricket Stadium Asia Cup Tickets Price 2022


The Asia Cup t20 2022 will be placed in Dubai International Cricket Stadium, formerly known as Dubai Sports City Cricket Stadium, from 27 August, to September 11, 2022. The Dubai International Cricket Stadium may be used for a variety of things.

The Ring of Fire’s unique floodlighting system illuminates the Dubai International Stadium. Around the circle of the circular roof are about 350 floodlights. Additionally, the absence of light towers reduces the number of shadows that are cast by items on the ground.

It is the most sophisticated of its type. Next-generation facilities can accommodate players, officials, fans, VIPs, and the media.

The stadium is now much more accessible than previously thanks to its unique bowl configuration. Dubai International Cricket Stadium is also a cricket stadium built to ICC criteria, allowing for the hosting of international cricket matches.

Boundary Length

There is a minimum separation of 137.16 metres between the boundaries. The border square between the playing field is the same.

Additionally, on the shorter side, a minimum of 59.43 metres may be attained. The overall distance for straight boundaries from the pitch sometimes referred to as the centre point, is approximately 64 metres.


The Dubai International Cricket Stadium has a seating capacity of 25,000 people. Additionally, it may be increased to 5,000 persons, for a total of 30,000 people. Furthermore, seating for 20,000 people may be found in the north, general east, and west stands. In the Platinum gallery, there are 3500 seats available, and there are 406 luxurious seating options there.

Venue Area

The length of the Dubai International Cricket Stadium is between 450 and 500 feet, or 137 and 152 metres. With a total area of 14,775 to 18,242 meters2, or 159,043 to 196,350 feet2, it has a total area. The stadium’s pitch is also in the middle and is encircled by a radius of 90′ or 27.4 metres. The pitch’s length is equal to the separation between the centres of the wickets on either side.

Pitch Overview

The pitch is 148 metres in overall diameter. The surface of the Dubai International Cricket Stadium also benefits hitters and bowlers more generally. However, it is a batting pitch that greatly aids the opening batsmen in getting their teams off to a great start.

On the other side, the pitching process is greatly influenced by the weather. When preparing the surface for the matches, Tony Hemming, the main curator, takes into consideration the precise dew, wetness, and amount of heat.


The Emirates Road End, or Dubai Sports City End, is where the Dubai International Cricket Stadium is located.

Ground Information

Establish 2009
Capacity 25000
Owner Dubai Properties
Architect Awsam Matloob
Operator Dubai Sport City
Holder UAE national cricket team
Last Name Emirates Road End
Dubai Sports City End

Dubai Cricket Stadium Ticket Price For Asia Cup

There are still a few weeks before the Asia Cup kicks off. People are searching for Dubai Stadium ticket costs so they can budget appropriately. We expect that entry to the Dubai Cricket Stadium will cost 30 AED. The cost of the tickets is influenced by the match’s format, opponent teams, match type, seat location, match importance, and a few other key variables.

There will be a variety of categories and price points for tickets. The greatest ticket cost may easily exceed the price range of 500 AED. Tickets for the India vs. Pakistan event are predicted to cost more than those for other games. 

Dubai Stadium Fixture For Asia Cup

Date & Day Teams
Saturday, August 27, 2022 Sri Lanka vs Afghanistan
Sunday, August 28, 2022 India vs Pakistan
Wednesday, August 31, 2022 India vs TBC
Thursday, September 01, 2022 Sri Lanka vs Bangladesh
Sunday, September 04, 2022 TBC vs TBC, Super Four (A1 v A2)
Tuesday, September 06, 2022 TBC vs TBC, Super Four (A1 v B1)
Wednesday, September 07, 2022 TBC vs TBC, Super Four (A2 v B2)
Thursday, September 08, 2022 TBC vs TBC, Super Four (A1 v B2)
Thursday, September 09, 202 TBC vs TBC, Super Four (B1 v A2)
Sunday, September 11, 2022 Final

Dubai Cricket Venue Seating Plan For Asia Cup

On our seating diagram of the Dubai cricket stadium, the stands and seats of the Dubai Stadium are shown. The graphic above clearly shows every style of stadium stand. The location of the pitch and instructions are also shown on the map, which is useful for finding seats and making reservations.

Dubai International Cricket Stadium Seating Map
Dubai International Cricket Stadium Seating Map

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