Chess World Cup Prize Money | How Much Players Earn from Total Payout?

Chess World Cup Prize Money

The highly anticipated Chess World Cup 2023 is scheduled in Baku, Azerbaijan. This article will tell you about the Chess World Cup Prize Money breakdown. The Chess World Cup 2023 brings together 206 of the most talented chess players from all around the globe.

Players will showcase their strategic prowess and vie for the coveted Chess World Cup champion title. Moreover, the Chess World Cup 2023 schedule coincides with the Women’s Chess World Cup, where female players show their talent on the global stage.

Chess World Cup Prize Money Breakdown

The prize money breakdown for the Chess World Cup 2023 has been unveiled. The total $1.83 million will be split, making this event one of the most lucrative in the chess world.

Rank Payout No.Players Total Purse
Winner $110k 1 $110k
Finalist $80k 1 $80k
3rd Place $60k 1 $60k
4th Place $50k 1 $50k
Round 6 $35k 4 $140k
Round 5 $25k 8 $200k
Round 4 $16k 16 $256k
Round 3 $10k 32 $320k
Round 2 $6k 64 $384k
Round 1 $3k 78 $234k
Total Payout $1.83m

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The player victorious in this tournament will earn a handsome amount of $110k. The second-place finisher will earn a notable reward of $80k. The 3rd-place player will take a $60k payout. While the fourth-place player will be awarded an amount of $50k.

Rewards Across Rounds:

The players who will eliminate in Round 6 will take home $35k. The players will eliminate from the Round 5 will take home a $25k payout. The players who exit the tournament in Round 1 will receive a $3k prize share.

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