Women’s Chess World Cup Prize Money | How Total Payout Distributed Among Players?

Women's Chess World Cup Prize Money

The global chess community is excited as Azerbaijan has center stage to host Men’s & Women’s Chess World Cups. The chess battles will commence on July 30th and end in August 2023. The Women’s Chess World Cup Prize Money for the 2023 season has been announced.

The Women’s Chess World Cup gathers 103 great players from across the globe. These women are set to challenge each other’s and display their strategic prowess to claim victory. 

Women’s Chess World Cup Prize Distribution

The prize money for the 2023 Women’s Chess World Cup stands is $676k. The prize money structure is as follows:

Rank Payout No. Players Total Purse
Champion $50k 1 $50k
Finalist $35k 1 $35k
3rd Place $25k 1 $25k
4th Place $20k 1 $20k
Round 5 $14k 4 $56k
Round 4 $9.5k 8 $76k
Round 3 $6.7k 16 $108k
Round 2 $5k 32 $160k
Round 1 $3.97k 39 $146k
Total Payout $676k
  • Winner: A remarkable feat deserves a great reward. The event champion will receive a nice purse of $50k.
  • Runner-up: The second-place player will get a $35k prize share of their performance.
  • Third Place: The player who gets the third position will take home a $25k payout from the total payout.
  • Fourth Place: The fourth-place player will be awarded a $20k  prize share.

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Payout on Elimination Rounds

Here’s a breakdown of the prize distribution for players at various stages:

  • Round 5 Elimination: The four players eliminated in Round 5 will each receive a $14k prize, amounting to a collective $56k.
  • Round 4 Elimination: The eight players exiting the tournament in Round 4 will receive a $9.5k prize each, totaling $76k.
  • Round 3 Elimination: Sixteen players eliminated in Round 3 will be granted a $6.7k reward each, with the combined total reaching $108k.
  • Round 2 Elimination: $5k will be awarded to every 32 players leaving the tournament in Round 2, amassing $160k.
  • Round 1 Elimination: The journey of 39 players ends in Round 1, and each will get $3,970 as a token of appreciation, totaling up to $146k.
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